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Reply to Professor Anderson, Julian Young

In the course of writing a very long book, and in taking notes from many different sources, it appears that I have incorporated some material from Curtis Cate's biography without adequate acknowledgement. I regret this and will ensure it is corrected in subsequent editions. I hasten to add that none of this incorporation was deliberate. Over the years, bodies of material, as they moved from notes to notes and drafts to drafts, sometimes lost contact with their sources. With respect to the sequencing of events, some sequences, as well as certain phrases ("rabid Wagnerians," for instance), lodged themselves in my mind without my retaining any memory of their original source, or indeed that their source was anyone other than myself. I am grateful to Professor Anderson for pointing out these scholarly lapses and for the opportunity to rectify them.

Published in JNS 42 (Autumn 2011)