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Brookdale Campus (25 St)

Brookdale Campus

The Brookdale Campus is located at 425 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010.   Residential spaces occupy 18 floors in the three buildings at Brookdale, and house up to 650 students.  The Brookdale Campus is an active academic campus with 24/7 security.

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Floor Amenities: large communal bathrooms with several showers, sinks and toilets. Full kitchen on each floor with appliances. Study lounge on each floor. Please note floors do not have Air Conditioning.

Room Amenities: twin-size bed and mattress, nightstand, dresser, desk, chair, closet. Please note rooms do not have Air Conditioning and students are not allowed to bring in their own units.

Residential Amenities: laundryroom, study spaces, courtyard.   The Brookdale Campus also houses many academic programs, a library, USG Gameroom, Athletic's gymnasium and pool.

The Brookdale Campus is a fully gender mixed campus, and many of our amenities are gender neutral due to allocation needs.

Eligibility Requirements

The Brookdale Campus primarily houses certain cohorts that are guaranteed a certain length of time in housing and as allocated by Hunter College. Please note that Brookdale has very limited spaces after these cohorts are housed and we urge that you apply to our other housing options if you are in need of housing.

Guaranteed Housing at Brookdale:

  • 1st Year Macaulay & 2nd Year Macaulay Scholars (only if resided at Brookdale in their 1st year)
  • 1st Year Residential Gold Scholars that have a year of free housing outlined in their offer letter (Athena, Daedalus, Muse, Nursing, Roosevelt, Yalow)
  • In order to reserve a spot at Brookdale, all scholar cohorts must follow Living@Hunter process timelines, sign license agreements and must complete all steps to secure their spot prior to the beginning of the Fall semester. If a scholar leaves housing they may be liable to reimburse their scholar program for housing fees.  Scholars are responsible for summer housing costs, room damages, lost keys, as scholar programs do not cover those.
  • Above Scholars Cohorts must reserve a spot by May 5, 2022: Brookdale Campus: Spot Reservation Fall 2022-Spring 2023
Non-Guaranteed Applicants:
  • Please note that Brookdale has very limited spaces after these cohorts are housed.
  • Non-Guaranteed Applicants must submit an application by June 15, 2022: Apply Here
2022-2023 Room Rate

Housing Timeframe: August 25, 2022 - Last day of Spring semester (Date TBD)
Full Academic Year Price Range: $6,625- $9,385

  • Individual pricing is dependant on room type assigned.  Requests for specific room types cannot be made as space is limited.
  • All occupancy license agreements are for the full academic year with full payment arrangements due prior to check-in
  • Costs subject to change at any time
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