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It is important to note that receiving housing is not guaranteed for all students. We strongly advise applicants to have alternative housing arrangements in place as housing offers are contingent upon availability and various factors as determined by the college. Housing is not guaranteed on a year-to-year basis, nor for all years of enrollment.Students cannot request to be placed in a specific location, nor can such requests be honored due to the demand of housing. If offered housing, students must re-apply each year for housing as housing is not guaranteed year to year.

Step 1: Review 2024-2025 Living@Hunter Locations

Below are Hunter's housing options. Please review each page individually for specific building information.

  1. Brookdale Campus (25 St)
  2. Midtown East (51 St)
  3. Hunter's Apartments (79 St)

Step 2: Read through the Academic Year General Living@Hunter Housing Information

Housing Eligibility:

  1. Must be a full-time active and matriculated Hunter College student.
  2. GPA requirements: Undergraduates: 2.0+ GPA, Graduates: 3.0+ GPA (except for new incoming students).
  3. Maintain full-time registration status: Undergraduates - 12+ credits per semester, Graduates - 9+ credits per semester.
  4. Have no outstanding housing balances on CUNYFirst

*Eligibility requirements are subject to change

Housing Offer Conditions:

  1. Housing offers can be rescinded at any time due to ineligibility or outstanding balances.
  2. If offered housing, students sign an August-May academic year agreement and are financially liable for that entire length.·Hunter does not offer housing on a daily, weekly, monthly or semesterly basis. Mid-Year Releases are granted only for: Medical Leave of Absence, Winter Graduates, and official transfers out of Hunter.·
  3. Housing prices are subject to change.·
  4. You must have been accepted to Hunter College as a matriculating student to apply for housing.
  5. Application is for general housing through Hunter and not for a specific location.
  6. Housing is not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.·Housing offers are based on availability and various factors determined by the college.·
  7. Unless given "Guaranteed" housing in an admissions letter, Hunter College does not guarantee housing to anyone.·"Priority" to housing does not mean guaranteed housing, it means that applications will be reviewed first if student follows housing deadlines.
  8. Applicants are advised to have alternative arrangements, as housing is not guaranteed.
  9. Housing is not guaranteed annually or for all years of enrollment.

Step 3: Applying for 2024-2025 Housing

Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Housing Application:APPLY HERE
  • Ensure all information in your housing application is correct as typos and other incorrect inputs will delay or invalidate your application
  • For confirmation for whether your application has been received, please check for an automatic confirmation email in your email
  • You may only submit one housing application, and duplicate applications per EMPL ID/CUNYFirst ID will not submit
  • All inquiries regarding housing must be made to the Office of Residence Life
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, that means we have not received this application on your behalf and you will not be processed for housing.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure their email and information is entered properly.
  • Due to a high volume of email and calls, please note that our office will not share individual application statuses.  Please wait to hear from
  • Due to FERPA regulations any student specific information will only be shared with students via their Hunter email. 

Application Timeline (subject to change)

  • Wave 1 Housing Offers & Waitlist: Week of April 1 (for housing applications received up until March 31, 9am EST)
  • Wave 2 Housing Offers & Waitlist: Week of April 15 (for housing applications received between March 31-April 15, 9am EST)
  • Wave 3 Housing Offers & Waitlist: Week of April 29 (for housing applications received between April 15-April 26, 9am EST)
  • Rolling Housing Offers & Waitlist: Continue after May 1
  • Applications Close: May 15 (applications submitted after this date will be automatically waitlisted)
  • Waitlist Offers: July 15-September 15


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