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Safety & Security

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Hunter College Department of Public Safety

The City University of New York Department of Public Safety is dedicated to providing excellence in protection and service to the University community.

Hunter College is a very safe community. Fortunately, incidents of violent crime are virtually non-existent. However, things do occur and no matter how infrequent or how minor a crime may be, when you are the victim, it is serious, frustrating, and at best inconvenient. The members of the Public Safety Department work very hard everyday to try to protect you and your property. While on patrol, officers frequently remind students and staff to watch their valuables. The key is “awareness.” By not placing yourself, or your property, in a vulnerable situation you can avoid becoming a victim of a crime of opportunity. The safety tips on these pages are designed to give you the information you need to protect yourself and your property.

The Department of Public Safety and Security's Central Command Station is located at
695 Park Avenue, Room B122 West, New York, NY 10021

The Central Command Station can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any campus at 212.772.4521 or by fax: 212.772.4548.

The Hunter College Department of Public Safety and Security consists of 86 security personnel who are are committed to do their part to make Hunter College, and its campuses, a safe place for everyone. Officers are assigned to a fixed post to answer questions and provide directions. They also conduct patrols of all college buildings, reporting hazardous or unusual conditions. The goal of the Public Safety Department is to provide the highest level of service to the college community. As law enforcement officers, they continuously endeavor to ensure a safe and secure environment conducive to a positive social and educational process. This mission is exemplified by the departmental motto, "Service, Integrity, and Pride."

Please keep these numbers handy in case of emergency. Please do not contact Public Safety for general residential inquiries.

Location Number
68th Street Main Campus
(212) 772-4444
School of Social Work Building (212) 772-4444
Masters of Fine Arts Building (212) 772-4444
25th Street Brookdale Campus/Housing
(212) 481-4444
51st Street Housing TBD
79th Street Housing (212) 706-0647
Campus Schools (212) 860-1264
92nd Street Housing (212) 415-5592
97th Street Housing (212) 600-5555
NYPD 911

Report a Crime

If you see a crime occurring on campus and would like to report it anonymously, please fill out the Silent Witness form. When this form is mailed, you will not be identifiable to the recipient, who is the Director of Public Safety.

Remember: Crime Prevention is everyone’s business!


Residence Safety Tips

  • Nearly every theft from a residence room is through an unlocked door.  Always lock your door when the room is unoccupied or when you are sleeping.
  • Personal computers / laptops should be engraved and, in many cases secured
  • Report immediately to Public Safety any suspicious person at any dorm
  • If you have a guest be sure to instruct them to follow the residency rules at all time
  • Let your family and friends know if you are not going to be on campus for any length of time, weekends, holidays, etc.


Subway Safety Tips

  • Keep pocketbooks and book-bags secure at all time.
  • Remove your backpack when entering a crowded train or elevator, always make sure that all flaps are secure.
  • Do not flash money or jewelry in public places.
  • If you carry a wallet, never carry it in your back pocket. Front pants and breast pockets are much more difficult for the pickpocket.
  • Be suspicious of anyone approaching you and trying to distract you. Pickpockets usually work in teams.
  • When traveling on the subway during off-hours, ride in the cars with the conductor.
  • When waiting for a train late at night stand by the token booth or in the area designed as off-hours waiting area.
  • Remember that no property is worth getting seriously injured over. If you find yourself a victim of a crime, remain calm, try and get a good description of the person committing the crime and call the police immediately.


Internet Safety Tips

  • Don’t believe everything you read when chatting online. People very often misrepresent themselves.
  • Never give out personal information on line to strangers (home phone number / address / credit card numbers).
  • Never rush to meet someone to meet someone you met on line. Quick dates can be dangerous. If you are being pressured to meet you should become suspicious!
  • Talk on the phone before you meet. Play it safe. You make the call. Feel the other person out before getting together.
  • Meet in a public place whenever possible. Avoid going to the person’s home until you know each other.
  • Tell someone where you are going. Let them know if there is a change in plans or you will be getting back late.
  • Always report attacks or threats to the police or to the Public Safety Department: (212) 772-4444.
  • Consider bringing a friend. Remember, you really don’t know the other person that you are meeting.



To maintain the safety of our residence halls items that pose a fire safety hazard are prohibited. Please see a list of all prohibited items HERE 

Brookdale Campus (Housing) Fire Safety: Click Here

51st Street: TBD

79th Street Fire Safety: Click Here

97th Street Fire Safety: Click Here

92nd Street Fire Safety:  92YResidence is committed to providing a safe environment for the entire community. This includes a full fire notification / alarm system and a full-time Fire Safety Director. The Fire Safety Director is stationed at our fire command center and are on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For your safety, there are fire extinguishers located on every resident floor as well as carbon dioxide detectors in the main hallways. Every resident room has a sprinkler system and a smoke detector. Residents are provided with the Fire Safety Evacuation Plan for their location behind their room doors. It is important that you know the location of these fire safety devices and immediately report any device that has been tampered with or needs repair. Remember fire safety is everyone’s business and together we can lessen the threat of fire. Tampering with a fire safety device (including covering a smoke detector) is against 92Y Residence policy and will result in your removal from the residence. Fire drills are conducted quarterly, every year including a full evacuation. Residents may not receive advanced notification as to when the fire drills will take place. At the start of a fire drill, the Fire Safety Director will inform residents a fire drill will be taking place. 92YResidence requires occupants to evacuate only as directed by the building’s Fire Safety Director.

In the event of a fire alarm activation:

  • All floors/areas will receive an alert signal and occupants should stand-by for further instructions given by the Fire Safety Director. 
  • At all times, Residents should follow the Fire Safety Director’s directions and procedures.



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