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Summer Group Housing

Summer Housing: Brookdale Campus, 425 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010

Summer Dates of Stay: Summer housing is available between June 1, 2022-August 1, 2022.  Due to housing turnovers for academic year, these dates of stay are non-neogtiable and extensions are only granted for students offered housing for the following fall.

Accomodation Breakdown: Rooms provided at Brookdale are non-airconditioned, single, furnished rooms.  Rooms include a twin bed, dresser, desk, nightstand, and chair.  Residents share gender-neutral communal bathrooms, kitchens with appliances, and lounges. Wi-fi is available for an additional cost of $40 for non-Hunter occupants.  There is a shared laundry room in the building.  Photos of accomodations are HERE

Rules & Regulations:

  • CUNY Students violating the license agreement, CUNY or Hunter College policy will undergo a conduct process
  • Non-CUNY occupants violating the  license agreement, CUNY or Hunter College policy will have 24-hours to check-out and will not be offered a refund
  • All occupants must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and have an off-site plan in case of needing to isolate.  COVID-19 testing may be required.
  • Summer Occupants do not have visitation privileges

Following Conditions for Groups:

1. Group must stay a minimum of 31 days or more

2. Group must consist of 20 or more participants (all participants must be 18 years of age or older)

3. A group must check-in and out on the same date and time

4. Programs must have a group leader or designee that must be responsible for:

  • Completing all forms and turning in all documentations at least 14 days prior to checking in. 
  • Collecting all security deposits from participants and submitting it to the Bursar’s Office
  • Processing complete payment at least ten (10) days prior to checking in
  • Connecting with the Residence Life Office and retrieving all keys prior to check-in, distributing and collecting keys to and from all participants at the beginning and end of the stay

Payment Information:

Non-Hunter Summer Group $53 per person/night
Hunter Summer Groups $48 per person/night

Please note the following information about payment:

  1. Payment must be made in full at least 14 days prior to check-in
  2. Method of payment shall be limited to Certified Check or Money Order
  3. Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit per occupant shall be assessed and collected prior to check-in to protect the college against financial losses associated with damaged property caused during the occupancy period. The security deposit shall be due ten (10) days in advance of check-in.
Group Housing Interest: For more information, reservations or further inquiries, please email us at
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