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Exemplary Programs and Practices

Designing Matter, a common course at University of Virginia: a collaborative learning experiment involving students and faculty from numerous departments and disciplines. The course explores cutting edge research in science and other matter related fields, along with implications for society too.
Website (featuring work by participating artists):

Digital Humanities Initiatives at Brown University:
Decameron Web
Pico Project
Virtual Humanities Lab
Digital Pinocchio
N2K: Narratives for the Next Millennium
Heliotropia: Forum for Boccaccio Research and Interpretation, online journal at Brown University

The Library Award for Undergraduate Research, University of Washington:

LiTgloss, University at Buffalo
A collection of texts of literary or cultural interest, written in languages other than English, and expertly annotated so as to facilitate comprehension by English-speaking readers. The collection consists of over a hundred texts in almost two dozen languages. Although French, Spanish and German are the best represented, LiTgloss aims to include substantial numbers of texts from as many languages as possible.

Stanford University Introduction to the Humanities Program (IHUM):

Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Washington:
See also Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington:

The Tracking Cultures Program, The University of Texas at Austin: Provides interdisciplinary study abroad opportunities within the humanities.

UC Arabic Without Walls Distance Language Learning Program developed by the UC Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching, The National Middle East Language Resource Center at Brigham Young University and Near Eastern Studies Department at UC Berkeley:

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