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Integrating Research and Education


Academy Exchange, Autumn 2005, Magazine of the Higher Education Academy has a number of articles on research and teaching.

Full, Robert J. " The Reciprocal Relationships Among Research, Teaching, and Learning," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Helfand, David and Kelley, Darcy B. "Incorporating New Knowledge into the Undergraduate Experience," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Jenkins, A., Breen, R., Lindsay, R., and Brew, A. (2003). Reshaping Teaching in Higher Education: A Guide to Linking Teaching with Research. London, UK: Kogan Page.

Jenkins, Alan and Healey, Mick. (2005) Institutional Strategies to Link Teaching and Research. York, UK: The Higher Education Academy. (Includes a database of useful internet links, which were all active ca. Sept 2005)

Lynn, David and Comeau, Dawn. "Strategies for Effecting Rapid Translation of Ongoing Research in the Curriculum," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2004):

Nikolova Eddins, S.G. and Williams, D.F. "Strategies for Sustainable Integration of Research Activities With an Established Curriculum." Journal on Excellence in College Teaching 8 (3), 95-108. 1997.

"Report on Integrating Research and Education" A Special Edition of Report on Research. The University of Arizona, Tucson AZ. 14 (2). Spring 1998.

Riva, Massimo. "In the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences: Creative New Modes of Scholarly Activity," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Stearns, Tim. "Science education in the US: Training the Next Generation," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Weaver, Gabriela C. "Undergraduate Research Centers: A Model for Incorporating Research into the Mainstream Science Curriculum," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Exemplary Programs and Practices

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program:

Center for Interdisciplinary Bio-Inspiration in Education and Research (CIBER):

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