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Social Sciences


Ayers Edward L., Nesbitt, Scott, and Murre Martindale. "New Research Opportunities through Technology," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Frawley, William and Elliot Hirshman. "Teaching Experimental and Data-Intensive Social Sciences," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2004):

Hakel, Milton. "Applying Principles and Learning to Teach Experimental and Data-Intensive Social Sciences," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2004):

Hawkins, J. P. and Adams, W. R. (2006) Roads to Change in Maya Guatemala: A Field School Approach to Understanding the K'iche. University of Oklahoma Press. The first volume in a series describing a Brigham Young University undergraduate field school where students perform anthropological research in Guatemala. The volume includes a description of their field school methods and post-field fostering activities, as well as contributions from the student researchers.

Pukkila, Patricia and Martha Arnold. "Bringing Instructional Innovations that Work in One Discipline to Other Disciplines," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2004):

Turner, Patricia A. "Preparing an Educated Citizenry: Integrative Models of Undergraduate Education: In the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences," Reinvention Center Conference (Nov. 2006):

Exemplary Programs and Practices

The Odum Institute for Research in Social Science offers many diverse services to support the research and training of social science faculty and graduate students.

Civicus, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland:

Honors Humanities Living/ Learning Program, University of Maryland:

College Park Scholars, University of Maryland:

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