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The Graduate English Journal of Hunter College

Constantine Koutsoutis is the long-suffering rider of the 7 train, and currently working on his MA in English literature.  He enjoys grindcore, walks on the beach at sunset, particle accelerators, and Hunter S Thompson.   He also spends way too much time in the internet, but please don't hold it against him.  Also, ignore any revulsion or fear upon seeing him in walking down the halls or on the street, he's actually quite nice.

Faculty Advisor, Professor Sarah Chinn teaches US literature in the English Department at Hunter. She is the author of Technology and the Logic of American Racism (Continuum, 2000) and New Americans, New Identities: The Children of Immigrants and the Invention of Modern Adolescence, 1885-1930 (Rutgers UP, forthcoming), as well as essays on disability studies, 19th century US culture, and queer theory.

Briana Viele has become a firm believer that in life, it is the journey that matters, not the destination — consequently, she often wanders or gets lost. She is in the Master's program in English literature. She tutors at the Reading/Writing Center and teaches two undergraduate courses at Hunter.
Briana can be contacted at bviele@hunter.cuny.edu