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The Graduate English Journal of Hunter College

Ology is the Graduate English journal of Hunter College. The mission of this journal is simple: to represent the finest caliber of critical and creative study Hunter College graduate students have to offer. The journal began in 2004 under the title Perspectives. The inaugural effort, which gathered eighteen of Hunter's top writers, was well-received and marked an important first step. In 2006, in an effort to further distinguish Hunter's literary talents, the journal was born under a new name, ology.

Ology creates for students both a forum for ideas and an introduction to the process of publication. In the competitive world of academics, ology offers students a stepping-stone, allowing our talent to flourish not only in the classroom but also within the pages of publication. By giving our peers the opportunity to see their work in print, we hope to encourage Hunter graduate students to continue to pursue writing.

As a testament to the diversity of ology's home, there is no particular style of prose or poetry that defines our journal. Once submitted, a piece is carefully read by a team of editors and readers, who look for a writer's originality of thought, freshness of ideas, and distinction of voice.

With the burgeoning influence of ology, the Editorial Board hopes 2007 will mark yet another important milestone in the history of literary studies at Hunter College.