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The Graduate English Journal of Hunter College

Perspectives Spring 2005
Table Of Contents
Pamela's Fourth Bundle: Writing and Apparel in Pamela
Deborah Goss
Once A Little Girl
Nancy Myette-Rakoczy
Sex and the Intrusion of the Public Persona in James Baldwin's Another Country
Meagan Signoriello
Addressing Things, Macrocosmically
Claudia Dapice
Desire and Homosocial Relations in Pride and Prejudice and Moll Flanders
Octavio R. Gonzalez
Schiele's Trees
Michael Tyrell
I imagine us as bricks, lying neatly against each other in a wall, cement in between
Chelsea Bunn
Small Redemptions: Ralph Singh's Journey Through Disorder in The Mimic Men
Geronimo Madrid
Nancy Myette-Rakoczy
The Emerging Female: Changes in Menstruation Literature and Education in the 20th Century
Melissa J. Adams
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age New York: A Modernist Panorama
Mary DePoalo
Chelsea Bunn
Wrong Characters
Michael Tyrell
when i was little
Octavio R. Gonzalez
(tom &) jerry & me
Lawrence Worth Jones
Nancy Myette-Rakoczy
"No Bullets in the House"
Geronimo Madrid
Trojan Horse
Octavio R. Gonzalez
sans titular characters
Claudia Dapice