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Italian Per Ragazzi


Italian for Children        Italian For Teens


Italian as a second language for children (6-13 years old)

The left part of the child brain governs grammar, vocabulary and meanings while the right part is stimulated by emotions, music and melody. A song will reinforce the grammar, visual symbols and the vocabulary. In language games carry emotion and all of the above are vital factors when teaching children to speak Italian as a second language. They will also learn about Italian traditions in different parts of Italy.
No previous knowledge of Italian necessary.

The Italian language class components for children will include:

  • Basic simple conversation, dramatic play, as well as basic reading, writing & an easy version of the Italian grammar.
  • Interactive storytelling and retaining new vocabulary with grammar and basic sentence structure.
  • Describing people and things, expressing likes and dislikes, talking about favorite play activities etc. simple, consistent language, using repetitions."

The curriculum is organized around thematic units to facilitate practice of key vocabulary and functional language structure such as starting with the basic greetings “Buon giorno, buona notte”
and learning to count in Italian will lead the children to enjoy their Italian classes.
 “My name is…” "I live in…" "I like to..." "There is/there are..." etc…"
Activities in language it is a great way to help children get started with a new second language!

Group 1: 6-9 years old

Instructor: Rossana Ceruzzi
Hours: 12
Location: Zoom
Tuition: $340
Note: Not available this semester.

Group 2:  10-13 years old

Instructor: Rossana Ceruzzi
Hours: 12
Location: Zoom
Tuition: $340
Note: Not available this semester.

Italian For Teens ! Italiano per ragazzi ! (14-17 years old) 

Learn basic Italian conversation·and vocabulary with our proven curriculum adapted to the needs of teenagers ages 14-17. Our lively, interactive online lessons will be supplemented with online activities, videos, and songs. Students will learn about Italy, its culture and history in addition to the Bella Lingua (the Beautiful Language).

Instructor: Valeria Fiorese
Hours: 10.5
Location: Zoom
Tuition: $299
Discounts No Discounts
Note: Not available this semester.


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