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Performing Arts Student Activity Fund Grant

Each semester, a portion of your Student Activity Fee (SAF) is set aside to cover projects that are initiated by and presented for Hunter students. At the beginning of each academic year, the Performing Arts Office accepts applications from students for performing arts projects for the Fall and Spring of the academic year. The goal of the SAF Fund for the Performing Arts is to provide opportunities for students to create projects or explore ideas in dance, film, music and theatre. Through this program, student work in the performing arts is supported and the Hunter community is enriched by the wide array of projects that are presented.

Please Note: This grant does not give you a check prior to the project. It is distributed as a reimbursement and/or payment to vendors/personnel. 


Who is eligible/not eligible?

a) You must be a currently registered Hunter undergraduate student.

b) You must submit a complete application form, and comply with the requirements in the application and contracting process. You may be asked by your department to attend an interview.

c) If you have received SAF grants in each of the two previous two years, you may not be eligible to apply.

d) You must have a faculty advisor from either Dance, Film & Media, Music or Theatre in order to be considered.


What gets funded?

a) Awards are determined by your department under supervision by the Performing Arts Office and the College Association.

b) Your project must be presented at least once at Hunter and be free to Hunter students.

c) Your proposal must be for a project that includes some aspect -- either performative or literary/critical/historical -- of theatre, dance, music, film, video and/or multimedia.

d) Eligible projects might include the creation and production of a play, film or reading with other Hunter students; the hosting of a lecture, symposium, demonstration or workshop led by practitioners or scholars in the performing arts; the researching and development of historical, critical or creative materials.

e) Costs that SAF funds may cover include space for performances; fees for professional artists as instructors, speakers, or performers; production costs such as sets, costumes, props, royalties, publicity, books and music.


Additional Information

a) You can only be funded once each academic year, which will be the fall semester of the school year. There are no spring awards.

b) If you have defaulted on a previous obligation under this program, it will affect your current request.

c) Grants awarded in this program are generally under $1,500. If your project will cost more than $1,500, you need to know where the rest of money will come from.

d) Juniors and seniors are generally favored when the number of applicants exceeds the amount in the fund.

e) Equipment and material purchases in excess of $100 belong to the College. After your project is completed, you must turn over any equipment and materials over $100 to your department.

f) You can not use this fund to pay a fee to a relative or a member of the Hunter full-time faculty. Adjuncts and technicians can be paid.

g) If you are awarded based on a particular project, and then decide to change your project, it would need to be approved by the Performing Arts Office, your faculty advisor, and your department. No changes will be funded without this approval. Approval forms can be attained at the Performing Arts Office.

h) If you are awarded and then decide to not do any project, please contact the Performing Arts Office regarding options.


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