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Gerald Press

Room: 1413HW
Phone: (212) 772-4971
Ext: 1-4971
Office Hours: Monday 12:00-2:00, Tuesday 11:00-12:00, and by appointment.
Rank, degree, specialization, publications, other academic activities.

Professor of Philosophy; Departmental Advisor

Ph.D. 1974, University of California, San Diego

Specializes in ancient philosophy, history of philosophy, and history of ideas. Has published articles in International Studies in Philosophy, Journal of Neoplatonic Studies, History and Theory, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Augustinianum, Augustinian Studies, and the APA Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy. He has contributed chapters to several recent collections, including the chapter on Plato in the Columbia History of Western Philosophy (1998), of which he was also editor for ancient philosophy.



Editor, The Continuum Guide to Plato (Continuum International Publishers, 2012)

Plato: A Guide for the Perplexed (Continuum International Publishers, 2007)

Editor Who Speaks for Plato? Studies in Platonic Anonymity (Roman & Littlefield, 2000)

Editor, Plato's Dialogues: New Studies and Interpretations (Roman & Littlefield, 1993)

Study Guide for Thinking Logically (Prentice-Hall, 1988)

The Development of the Idea of History in Antiquity (McGill-Queens University Press, 1982; reprinted 2003)

Recent and forthcoming articles:

“The State of the Question in the Study of Plato: 15 Year Update,” forthcoming in Russian translation, in Платоновский сборник (Collected papers on Plato and platonism), edited by Irina Protopopova. Moscow, 2013.

“Early, Middle, and Late Platonic Provocation: Comments on Miriam Byrd’s “When the Middle Comes Early,” Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium on Ancient Philosophy, forthcoming July 2013.

“Digital Transitions,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 50 (2012), 471-76.

“Anonymity,” pp. 101-103 in Gerald. A. Press, ed. The Continuum Companion to Plato. (London: Continuum International Publishing, 2012).

“Charmides” pp. 41-43 in Gerald. A. Press, ed. The Continuum Companion to Plato. (London: Continuum International Publishing, 2012).

“History” pp. 107-108 in Gerald. A. Press, ed. The Continuum Companion to Plato. (London: Continuum International Publishing, 2012).

“Continuities and Discontinuities in the History of Republic Interpretation,” International Studies in Philosophy 28 (1996), 61-78.

Recent Book Reviews:

Thomas Tuozzo, Plato’s Charmides: Positive Elenchus in a Socratic Dialogue.  the Journal of the History of Philosophy. 51 (2013), 310-11.

Catherine Zuckert, Plato’s Philosophers. Journal of the History of Philosophy 50 (2012), 133-135.

Christopher Rowe,  Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing. The Classical Review 59 (2009), 54-56.

Migliori, Maurizio, Linda M. Napolitano Valditara and Davide Del Forno (edd.). Plato ethicus: philosophy is life. Forthcoming in Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

Christopher Rowe, Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing. Forthcoming in The Classical Review.

Rebecca Benson Cain, Plato’s Use of Philosophical Drama. Forthcomng in Philosophy in Review.

Plato’s Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception, eds. James Lesher, Debra Nails, and Frisbee Sheffield. Journal of the History of Philosophy 46 (2008), 167-68.

Michail Maiatsky. Platon: penseur du visual.  Paris: l’Harmattan, 2005. Journal of the History of Philosophy July, 2007.

Editing and Organizing:

From 1990-1997, he was Book Review Editor of The Journal of the History of Philosophy (JHP). From 1998-2003 he was Editor of JHP. From 1991 to 2001 he was on the Program Committee of The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy organizing panels at the Annual Meeting. In 1994 he co-chaired a conference on "The Uses of Plato's Republic" at Hunter College. In 1997 he co-chaired the New York City International Philosophy Conference at Hunter College. He was co-chair of the Second Annual New York City International Conference on the History of Philosophy and Religion, held at Hunter College May 1-3, 1998.

In the Department of Philosophy he is a member of the P & B Committee and an Advisor. He is also a member of the Council on Honors of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program, teaches Honors Colloquia from time to time, and advises Honors Program students. He was recently Acting Co-chair and Acting Chair of the Honors Program. He is on the faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center, where he has taught courses on Plato, Aristotle, and Academic Writing for Publication.