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The Laser Laboratory at Hunter College of CUNY

Contact: Professor Ying-Chih Chen

The Laser Laboratory at Hunter College is located on the 12th Floor of the North Building. The Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for lasers and optics research. The following is a list of currently available equipment.


Laser systems

Frequency-tripled and -doubled Nd:YAG laser pumped dye laser (Lambda Physik) operating in the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1000 nm.
Frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser pumped optical parametric oscillator (OPPO) tunable in the wavelength range from 600 nm to 2000 nm.
CW Q-switched mode-locked Nd:YAG laser (fiber-compressed to 1 ps) with electro-optic single pulse selector, and auto-correlator.
100-Watt Carbon dioxide laser for material processing.
CW-pumped 1-kHz-repetition-rate Nd:YAG regenerative amplifier.
Diode-pumped solid-state lasers, including 808-nm-pumped Nd:YAG lasers, Nd:glass lasers, self-Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers, and 670-nm-pumped Cr:LiSrAlF6 lasers, and regenerative amplifier pumped by 30 W diode lasers.
Pockels cells, acouto-optic modulators and shutters.
High-power diode lasers covering 630-670 nm, 750-1200nm.
Mode-locked semiconductor lasers with 5-ps pulse duration, high-power semiconductor lasers, frequency stabilized semiconductor lasers.



Tektronix SCD 5000 transient digitizer with 5GHz bandwidth.
Tektronix TDS684 and TDS784 digital oscilloscopes with 1 GHZ bandwidth, Tektronix 11801 sampling oscilloscope with 20 GHZ bandwidth.
Tektronix 7104 oscilloscope with 7A29 and 7B10 plug-ins ( 1GHz bandwidth), 7T11 and 7S11 plug-ins ( 25 GHz sampling), DCS-01 trace digitizing camera system, Tektronix 7603 oscilloscope with 7A26, 7B85 and 7A19 plug-ins.
Lock-in amplifiers, box car integrators.
Thermoelectric temperature controllers for diode lasers.
Hewlett Packard 8554B/8552B/8555A spectrum analyzer, Tektronix 7L13 spectrum analyzer.


Spectral analyses

Fourier-transform IR spectrometer ( Nicolet 760 ) for wavelength ranging from 0.4 microns to 16 microns.
Fourier-transform Raman spectrometer.
Optical Multichannel Analyzer (OMA) spectrograph.
Spex 1702 3/4-meter spectrometer, two Jarral Ash 1/2-meter spectrometers.
Burleigh confocal scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer, Tec Optics scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer.


Optical fabrication

Cutting, polishing and lapping machines for optical materials.


Optical detection

Cooled InGaAs detector array
High speed InGaAs and Si detectors with 40 GHz bandwidth.
CCD Detector arrays, pyroelectric detector arrays, infrared TV cameras with PbO2 and Si tubes, North Coast liquid-nitrogen-cooled Ge p-i-n detector with preamplifier and muon filter, high-speed Si, Ge, InGaAs and GaAs p-i-n and avalanche photo-diodes.
Photon-counting system.


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