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Publications & Patents

Ying-Chih Chen 

Department of Physics
Hunter College of CUNY
695 Park Avenue
New York NY 10065


    • Tianjie Chen, Shaoguang Duan, and Y.C. Chen, “Electrodynamics analysis on coherent perfect absorber and phase-controlled optical switch” Journal of Optical Society of America, A, 29, 689-693 (2012). PDF
    • Fanting Kong, Ronald Silverman, Liping Liu, P. V. Chitnis, Kotik K. Lee, and Y.C. Chen, "Photoacoustic-guided convergence of light through optically diffusive media", Opt. Lett. 36, 203 (2011).   PDF
    • Ronald H. Silverman, Fanting Kong, Harriet O. Lloyd,Y. C. Chen, “Fine-resolution photoacoustic imaging of the eye”, Imaging and Sensing 2010, edited by Alexander A. Oraevsky, Lihong V. Wang, Proc. of SPIE,  Vol. 7564, 75640Y  (2010) PDF
    • R H. SILVERMAN, FANTING KONG, Y. C. CHEN, HARRIET O. LLOYD, HYUNG HAM KIM, JONATHAN M. CANNATA,  K. KIRK SHUNG,  and D. JACKSON COLEMAN, HIGH-RESOLUTION PHOTOACOUSTIC IMAGING OF OCULAR TISSUES, "High-resolution photoacoustic imaging of Ocular tissues", Ultrasound in Med. & Biol., Vol. 36, No. 5, pp. 733–742, (2010)  PDF
    • Fanting Kong, Y. C. Chen,  Harriet O. Lloyd,  Ronald H. Silverman,  Hyung Ham Kim,  Jonathan M. Cannataand K. Kirk Shung, “High-resolution photoacoustic imaging with focused laser and ultrasonic beams”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 033902 (2009).  PDF
    • Fanting Kong, Liping Liu, Yi Zhou, Shou-Huan Zhou , Y.C. Chen, “ Phase locking of short-pulse Q-switched lasers” . Opt. Commun. 282, 1622 (2009). PDF
    • Fanting Kong, Liping Liu, Charlotte Sanders, Y. C. Chen,  and Kotik K. Lee, “ Phase locking of nanosecond pulses in a passively Q-switched two-element fiber laser array”, Appl. Phys. Lett.,  90, 151110  (2007).  PDF
    • Liping Liu, Yi Zhou, Fanting Kong, Y.C. Chen and K. K. Lee, “Phase locking in fiber laser arrays with varying path lengths”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 85, Nov.28 (2004). PDF
    • Yi Zhou, Liping Liu, Candice Etson, Yonantan Abranyos, Angela Padilla, and Y.C. Chen, “Phase locking of a two-dimensional laser array by controlling the far field pattern”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 84, 3025 (2004)   PDF
    • Xuecong Zhou, Martin Munoz, Maria Tamargo, and Y.C. Chen, “Optically pumped laser characteristics of blue ZnCdMgSe single quantum well laser grown on InP”, J. Appl. Phys. 95,  7 (2004). PDF 
    • Yi Zhou, Quang Thai, and Y.C. Chen, Zhouhuan Zhou, "Monolithic passively Q-switched Cr, Yb:YAG laser",  Optics Communications, 218, 365 (2003). PDF
    • X. Zhou, M.C. Tamargo, S.P. Guo,and Y.C. Chen, "Optical Properties of CdSe quantum dots grown on ZnSe and ZnBeSe by molecular beam epitaxy",  Journal of Electronic Materials, 32, 733-736 (2003).  PDF
    • Y. Luo, S.P. Guo, O. Maksimov, M.C. Tamargo, A. Asnin, F. H. Pollak, and Y.C. Chen, "Patterned three-color ZnCdSe/ZnCdMgSe quantum well structures for integrated full color emitters",  Appl. Phys. Lett., 77, 4259 (2000). PDF
    • M. C.  Tamargo, W. Lin, S. P. Guo, Y. Luo, Y. Guo, and Y.C. Chen, "Full-Color light emitting diodes from ZnCdMgSe/ZnCdSe quantum well structures grown on InP substrates.",  Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 214-215,  1058 (2000). PDF
    • M.C. Tamargo, W. Lin, S.P. Guo, Y. Y. Luo, O. Maksimov, Y. Guo, and Y.C. Chen, "Wide bandgap II-VI materials for red-green-blue emitters", Proceedings of  Opto 99, Havana, Cuba, 1999 (in print)
    • Tae-ik Park, Godfrey Gumbs, and Y.C. Chen, "Properties of the second-order optical susceptibility c(2) in asymmetric undoped AlGaAs/InGaAs double quantum wells", J. Appl. Phys.,  86, 3, 1467 (1999). PDF
    • Y. Lou, A. Elmoumni, S. P. Guo, M. C. Tamargo, S. Kelly, H. Ghaemi, V. Asnin, M. Tomkiewiz, F. H. Pollak, and Y.C. Chen, "Growth and characterization of  patterned ZnCdSe  structures for applications  in integrated R-G-B II-VI light emitting diodes". J. Vaccum Science and Technology,  B 18, 1522 (2000). PDF
    • Hua Liu, Shou-Huan Zhou, and Y.C. Chen,"Monolithic unstable Q-switched solid-state laser with large Fresnel number" Trends in Optics and Photonics, Volume XIX, p 376-379, Optical Society of America (1998).
    • Tian-jie Chen and Y.C. Chen "Graded-reflectivity mirror based on a volume hologram in photopolymer film" Appl. Opt.  62 , 37, 6603 ( 1998). PDF
    • L. Zeng, B.X. Ynag, A. Cavus, W. Lin, Y.Y. Luo, M.C. Tamargo, Y.Guo,and Y.C. Chen," Red-green-blue photopumped lasing from ZnCdMgSe/ZnCdSe quantum well laser structures grown on InP" Appl. Phys. Lett., 72, 3136 (1998). PDF
    • Hua Liu, Shou-Huan Zhou, and Y.C. Chen, "High-Power Monolithic Unstable-Resonator Solid-State Laser". Opt. Lett., P451-453, March 15, 1998. PDF
    • Hua Liu, Shou-Huan Zhou, and Y.C Chen, S.H. Zhou, " 946 nm Monolithic Q-switched Cr,Nd:YAG laser" IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electron., 3 26 -28 1997. PDF
    • Yong-ming Guo, Gergory Aizin, Y.C. Chen, Linfe Zeng, Abdulah Cavus, and Maria Tamargo, " Photo-pumped ZnCdMgSe blue-green quantum -well lasers grown on InP substrates" Applied Physics Letters, 70, 1351-1353 (1997). PDF
    • H.B. Serreze, K. Linden, Shou-Huan Zhou, and Y.C. Chen, "Individually-addressable monolithic self-Q- switched solid-state laser array", SPIE proceeding #2698 on laser diode technology and applications, paper 1850, (1996).
    • P. Wang, S. Zhou, K. K. Lee, and Y.C. Chen,"Picosecond pulse generation in monolithic self-Q-switched Cr,Nd:YAG laser" Opt. Commun, 114, 439 (1995). PDF
    • Y.C.Chen, S.H. Zhou, K.K. Lee, and P. Wang, "Picosecond laser pulse generation in self-Q- switched soli-state laser", OSA Proceedings on Advanced Solid-state lasers, 24, p 303-305 (1995).
    • G. Yao, Shouhuan Zhou, P. Wang, K.K. Lee, and Y.C. Chen, "Dynamic of transverse mode in self-Q-switched solid-state lasers", Opt. Commun. 114, 101-104 (1995). PDF
    • Jingwen Xu, K.K. Lee, and Y.C. Chen, "Phase locking in a two-element laser array with detuning" Opt. Commun. 117 , 198-126 ( 1995). PDF
    • Y.C. Chen, Shiqun Li, K.K. Lee, and Shouhuan Zhou, "Self-stabilized single longitudinal mode operation in self-Q-switched solid-state lasers", to appear in Opt. Lett., 18, 1418 (1993). PDF
    • G. Yao, K.K. Lee, Y.C. Chen and S. Zhou, "Characteristics of transverse mode of diode-pumped self-Q-switched microchip laser", OSA Proceeding on Advanced Solid-State Lasers, T.Y. Fan and B.H.T. Chai eds. p.28, 1994.
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    • H.B. Serreze and Y.C. Chen, "Short red wavelength, high-power, visible AlInGaP laser diodes", SPIE proceeding, January 1993.
    • Shiqun Li, Shouhuan Zhou, Pei Wang, Y.C. Chen, "Self-Q-switched Cr,Nd:YAG laser", Opt. Lett. 18, 203 (1993). PDF
    • Jingwen Xu, Shiqun Li, K.K. Lee, and Y.C. Chen,"Phase locking in a two-element laser array", Opt. Lett. 18, 513 (1993). PDF
    • G. Yao, R.G. Waters, C.M. Harding, and Y.C. Chen,"Excess spontaneous emission factor in unstable-resonator", Opt. Lett. 17, 1207 (1992). PDF
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    • "Monolithic self-Q-switched solid-state laser", (with K.K. Lee, and Shou-Huan Zhou) U.S. Patent Number 5,309,473, May 1994.
    • "Light -emitting devices for integrated full-color display", patent application filed to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, (2000)

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