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Why Our Lab?

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Valencia Johnson (Postdoc)

    This is a large group offering a relaxed environment with a lot of synergy. This lab is more technique based, so it is more about the technique than what kind of sample we are analyzing.

Jaime Farrington (Graduate Student) 

   It offers a supportive environment with many opportunities to interact with people in different fields and different academic, industrial, and government institutions.

Nicole Leifer (Graduate Student

    I love this lab for its diversity, both in the people and in the research. We collaborate with labs all over the world, investigating the electromagnetic and electrochemical properties of different battery, fuel cell and supercapacitor systems. I hope to graduate in winter 2008 and possibly one day start a charter science high school in NYC.

Amy Colon (Undergraduate Student)

    This lab has given me great research experience and the ability to go to conferences such as ABRCMS, NSBP, AAS, amongst others. There are amazing networking opportunities thanks to the large number of groups that collaborate with our laboratory.

Frances-Camille Padlan (Undergraduate Student)

    It is nice to have people of the same field surrounding you. I am looking into a future in biophysics and this is a good peek into what physics laboratories are really like.

Luz Sanchez (Undergraduate Student)     I really like the research on fuel cells and lithium ion batteries. There are great networking opportunities but above all this lab provides extremely supportive enviorment.
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