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Filling Out Applications

How do I submit applications to law schools?

  • Submit applications electronically via LSAC. Law schools process applications more quickly when received electronically. Most schools prefer electronic applications, and the vast majority will no longer accept applications by mail.
  • Those registered with LSAC with a credentials account can access electronic applications – you input information common to applications only once.
  • Be sure to proofread before sending.
  • Include a resume with the application, but do not use the resume as a substitute for responses to questions on the application form.

When should I submit applications?

  • Make a timeline for yourself of what needs to be done when.
  • Aim to complete applications before Thanksgiving. Some may not be “due” until later, but schools begin reviewing applications early on and have a “rolling admissions policy.” Submitting your application early works to your advantage.
  • Law schools do not review applications until they are complete, which means not until the application, letters of recommendation, the CAS Report, and if required, a dean’s certification have been received.
  • Request recommendation letters and dean’s certification forms (if required) well in advance of your target date for completion of the application. Once you have submitted an application it may take two to three weeks for a law school to request and receive an LSDAS report.
  • Several law schools have Early Access or Early Assurance programs with application deadlines from Mid-October to early December. Students admitted under these programs are not required to enroll. By contrast, some schools offer Early Decision programs under which an offer of admission is binding. Be aware that applying under such a program will not allow you to compare financial aid offers from different schools.
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