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Shirzad Jenab

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Ph.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine


Professor, Department of Psychology
Hunter College
695 Park Ave
New York, NY 10065


Current Areas of Research:

One of the most important goals in drug abuse research is to identify effective targets and strategies for preventing drug use, addiction and associated side effects. Our laboratory has a long standing interest in analysis of signal transduction pathways that underlie these behavioral and neurochemical responses to psychostimulants, cocaine and amphetamines and synthetic cannabinoids in male and female animals. The immense abuse potential of psychostimulants leading to behavioral sensitization, alterations in sleep, anxiety and aggressive behaviors and neurotoxic effects leading to permanent changes in striatal, cortical and hippocampal neurochemistry and function produce motor learning, cognitive and memory deficits and may predispose these individuals to neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease. We use our expertise in molecular and behavioral techniques in vivo and in vitro to study the interactions between dopamine and glutamate receptors and their signaling pathways in drug addiction and neuronal degeneration.


Selected Publications:

Wei-Lun Sun WL, Zhou L, Nazarian A, Quinones- Jenab V and Jenab S. (2015). Acute cocaine differentially induces PKA phosphorylation substrates in male and female rats.  Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy, in press.

Nygard SK, Klambatsen A, Balouch B, Quinones-Jenab V and Jenab S.  (2015). Region and context-specific intracellular responses associated with cocaine-induced conditioned place preference expression. Neuroscience 287:1-8.

Nygard SK, Klambatsen A, Hazim R, Eltareb MH, Blank JC, Chang AJ, Quinones-Jenab V and Jenab S. (2013). Sexually dimorphic intracellular responses after cocaine-induced conditioned place preference expressionBrain Res. 1520:121-33.

Quinones-Jenab V and Jenab S. (2012). Influence of sex differences and gonadal hormones on cocaine addiction ILAR J. 53:14-22.

Quinones-Jenab V and Jenab S. (2010). Progesterone attenuates cocaine-induced responses. Horm Behav. 58:22-32.

Sun WL, Zhou L, Quinones-Jenab V and  Jenab S. (2009). Cocaine effects on dopamine and NMDA receptors interactions in the striatum of Fischer rats. Brain Res Bull. 80:377-81.

Weiner J, Sun WL, Zhou L, Kreiter CM, Jenab S, Quinones-Jenab V. (2009). PKA-mediated responses in females' estrous cycle affect cocaine-induced responses in dopamine-mediated intracellular cascades. Neuroscience. 161:865-76.