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Admissions - Read this first!

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IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR THE DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY PROGRAM AT HUNTER COLLEGE: The Hunter College Graduate Admissions Office will administer your application for admission into each new class.  The application is available on-line at The deadline for submitting your application online is November 1st for the class starting the following June.  Please continue reading this page and other pages for more information about  the application process. The online application is only available under "Fall", there is no summer application pull down menu.  Apply to the DPT program under this Fall menu.  Yes, we do begin the program in the Summer of each year.

The online application for the Hunter College DPT program is available through the Hunter College Graduate Admissions website.  You must apply online, paper applications are not available.  In addition to the online application, you should:

1. Submit your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from Educational Testing Service to Hunter College #2301.

2. You do not need to submit official transcripts until we request them.  However, you should submit electronically either a student copy of all college transcript(s) (or scan an official copy) and submit it electronically to the Hunter College Graduate Admissions Office.

3. Either you or the person supervising your clinical experience must submit your completed Clinical Experience Forms to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Hunter College, ATTN Maureen Brennan, 425 East 25th Street, New York, NY  10010.  If someone else is submitting the form on your behalf, it is often helpful to provide them with a stamped envelope printed with this address.

4. Prepare a draft of your prerequisite checklist for input into the Graduate Application at the time you apply.  This information is part of the online application and must be entered online as a component of your application.  You must also submit a printed or emailed copy of your applicant checklist to the PT office.

Please note, your letters of reference (including letters (not clinical experience forms) from supervising physical therapists) will be uploaded by the person doing the referral through the on-line application process.  Proof of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation will be required if you are invited for an interview.

If, after reading this notice, you have additional questions, you may contact the Hunter College Physical Therapy Program at 212-396-7103 (new #) or via email to


How to Apply

Click here to review the application process and for information on how to avoid common errors made by applicants.

Before Applying

This page covers all of the requirements for admission into the DPT Program, including course prerequisites, clinical experience, and other information you need to know before submitting your application.

Admissions Process

A summary of the entire admissions process, from start to finish. You must follow the instructions on this page if you want to be considered for admission into the Program.

Clinical Experience Requirement

An explanation of the clinical experience requirement for admission and links to the appropriate forms.

Application Deadline

All applications for admissions must be received on or before this date!

Acceptance into the DPT Program

Enrollment in the DPT program is currently capped at thirty-two (32) students per year, making the admissions process extremely competitive.

Interview Process

An interview is required as the final step for admission.

Transferring Undergraduate Credit

This section will help you determine if your undergraduate and prerequisite coursework is appropriate and transferable for graduate credit. Students currently studying abroad and international students should definitely read this page.

Directions, Parking & Lodging- Please use the link for most current information posted on our website under the heading of continued education.

The Hunter College Department of Physical Therapy is located in Room 008E on the Brookdale Campus.


Frequently asked questions about the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.

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