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Bachelor of Public Health (BSPH) Curriculum Outline

PH BS Major- 42 credits over two (2) years, if full-time - curriculum as of Fall 2020
Each course is three (3) credits unless otherwise noted. Some courses are offered 1x per year, have prerequisites and, for PH majors, should be taken in sequence given below. To see course prerquisites, in the CunyFirst semester course schedule, click the course 'section' hyperlink. Note, for some courses, certain sections may be for PH majors while other sectionsfor for minors and/or Human Biology majors. Course sections described as College Now (CN) are for high school students only/not open to college level students.

Public Health majors must earn a grade of C or better for all prerequisite and major required courses (Credit/No Credit not acceptable for PH majors.)

As of Fall 2020, the major name changed to Public Health or PH (previously Community Health/COMHE.)

For course descriptions, see the CunyFirst online catalog, OR the Hunter College Undergraduate online academic catalog/Urban Public Health departmental pages.

Major Year 1
Fall 1

(12-15 credits)

PH 30100- Intro to Community and Public Health (offered Fall only)

PH 30200- Health Program Planning and Evaluation (offered Fall only)  

PH 30300W-Social Structures and Health (writing intensive)

PH 32800 -Public Health Biology
Hunter requirement(s) as needed

Major Year 1
Spring 1

(9-15 credits)

PH 30400- Health Communication Practice (offered Spring only)

PH 33000- Principles of Epidemiology

PH 40500- Health Care Systems and Health Policy (offered Spring only) 

NFS 14100-Intro to Nutrition (may be taken any semester, including summer, last or prior to the major) or a transfer nutrition course also if not equivalent to NFS 14100. I the CunyFirst schedule, find under 'Public Health-NFS" in the pull-down menu.

Summer 1
(0-6 credits)

Students should use the summer to complete a fieldwork project 120 hours
Elective (if desired)

Major Year 2
Fall 2
(9-12 credits)

PH 32500-Environmental Public Health

PH 41100-Community Health Assessment (offered Fall only)

PH 41200-Directed Fieldwork Practicum (120 hours fieldwork) (offered Fall only)

PH elective if required
Hunter requirement(s) if needed

Major Year 2
Spring 2
(6-12 credits)

PH 41300-Research Symposium (offered Spring only)

PH 41500-Grant Writing in Public Health - prereqs PH 30400 & 41100 (offered Spring only)

PH elective, if required
Hunter requirement(s) if needed

Major Electives
(3 credits)
Approved Major Electives list (3 credits required)

Hunter College Requirements external to the Major:
All students must complete CUNY/Hunter Core requirements and Focus, including foreign language unless waived per Hunter rules or exam (given for Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or check respective main campus language department. For general Hunter requirements, visit main campus Office of Advising and, in advance, review all tabs within their website including the important 'My Degree' link information with particular attention to Focus/Foreign Language. Direct all Core/Focus questions to your main campus advisor assigned upon entering Hunter.  At Hunter those earning a Bachelor of Science (ex: Public Health-BS) are not permitted to double major though a student can have a Focus/Minor.

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