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About QuBi

About QuBi

Quantitative Biology is an intensive undergraduate program designed to train and mentor students in preparation for graduate studies and professions in 21st century biomedical research.

QuBi concentrators will learn statistical and computational methods and how to apply those methods to the processing, storage, analysis, visualization and modeling of large-scale molecular biomedical data.  They will also develop the research, communication and collaborative skills to contribute to the solution of problems in bioinformatics as members of a multidisciplinary team.

Benefits of Enrolling in the Program

  • Excellent preparation for careers in bioinformatics and for graduate studies in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Training by a multidisciplinary team of research scientists and dedicated academics
  • Access to competitive scholarships
  • Workshop and internship opportunities
  • Small classes
  • Mastery of advanced computational skills
  • State of the art equipment and facilities

If interested, contact a QuBi Advisor

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