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New York/Paris Exchange Program

Paris 4


The next informational meeting will be on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 1:15pm in room 604HW. Please click HERE for more information.

For Professor Przybos office hours, click HERE.

Here is a video made by Ellen Hampton, the Director of CUNY in Paris this spring about the New York Paris Exchange Program, starring three Hunter students. Please click HERE

HERE you can learn more about the admission requirements for Hunter students.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

The New York/Paris Exchange Program offers all full-time CUNY students -undergraduates and graduates of all disciplines- the opportunity to study at one of the Universities of Paris for one semester or a full academic year. The Program also offers full-time faculty the chance to exchange teaching posts for the same period of time.

Depending upon their proficiency in French, class standing, and the subjects they wish to study, students are placed at one of the participating French schools. Credits earned for courses taken there are applicable to a CUNY degree.

Among the disciplines offered at the Universities of Paris are art and art history; business and management; cinema and theatre; computer science; dance; economics; engineering and technology; history; linguistics; literature; political science; psychology; sociology; translation; urban studies; women's studies.


MICEFA, the organization that administers the Program on the Paris side, helps students to find housing of two varieties: au pair positions, in which a student lives with a Parisian family and exchanges 15 hours of service each week to the family in the form of child care or tutoring and/or English conversation for a room and two meals a day; or furnished apartments that can be shared with other students with a cost per student of approximately $500 a month.


Students will go on a number of excursions outside of Paris to sites of cultural interest, such as hartres, Giverny, and Mont-St. Michel. These trips are free to CUNY students.


The Program's Fall semester runs from September 1-January 30; the Spring semester runs from February 1-June 20. The deadline for those applying for the Fall program is April 1st; for those applying to go in the Spring, the deadline is November 1st.


Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle)               Paris VIII (St Denis)
Paris IV (La Sorbonne)                         Paris IX (Dauphine)
Paris V (René Descartes)                      Paris X (Nanterre)
Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie)             Paris XI (Orsay)
Paris VII (Denis Diderot)                      Paris XII (Creteil)
Paris XIII (Villetaneuse)


Students should have a 3.00 GPA or better, four semesters of college-level French )(or an equivalent proficiency), and a letter of recommendation from a CUNY professor of French.


Students pay their tuition to CUNY before leaving. No addtional tuition is charged by the Parisian university. Those eligible for TAP and PELL tuition assistance grants continue to receive this aid while abroad. There is a $50 application fee payable upon acceptance into the Program.

Students must pay their own airfare and housing costs.


For applications and further information, contact Professor Julia Przybos at 212-772-5097.

You can also visit the Program's Paris website HERE or for the most updated study abroad program information CLICK HERE.