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Italian Resources

 Below you will find useful web-based resources to practice Italian outside the classroom.


Language Games

Is it possible to learn while playing games? Of course it is! The games you will find here are much more effective at helping you acquire foreign language skills than other types of exercises


eLanguage School

eLanguage School has a compilation of resources for many languages


Lang Media

This is a wonderful site with authentic video, organized by theme, in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese --and other languages, too


Languages through the BBC

Based on the BBC's TV courses in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages, this site contains audio comprehension checks.


TV Bistro

This site enables users to watch TV channels from all over the world --for free!


Portals to the World

This site contains links to information about other nations and areas of the world. They are arranged by country or area with the links for each sorted  nto a wide range of broad categories.

Resources for Italian

Australian site containing games and "game templates" so that you can build your own games

Italian Verb Machine

There are hundreds of verbs available to conjugate in all tenses--and the program is self correcting, too.

Italica (


Why learn ...

...a foreign language? The Modern Languages Association tells you the reasons why it is crucial to learn a foreign language HERE.

Placement Test

For dates and information, please click HERE.