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In this page you will find frequently asked questions by majors and minors.

Q. I am interested in becoming a language major, what should I do first?

A. You need to speak to an adviser in the language of your interest. S/he will discuss the program with you and will guide you through the process of majoring in your language and selecting your minor. Please click HERE for advisers' office hours and contact information.

Q. I will graduate next semester and I am almost finished with my major courses. Is there any specific procedure I should follow?

A. Yes. You need to complete your graduation audit form during the first weeks of your last semester. Your adviser will review that you have fulfilled all the major requirements before submission. You can obtain the degree audit form in the OASIS office or you can download it from HERE.

Q. I wish to minor in Spanish. Will my SPAN 208 class count for it?

A. No, SPAN 208 is Spanish IV for Heritage Speakers. For information on minoring in a language click HERE.

Q. I used to be a BS student but I changed to a BA. Which language requirement should I fulfill?

A. Students in BS programs should check the requirements for their specific program. Students who change from a BS to a BA program must meet the foreign language requirement for the BA degree.