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Internships in Translation and Interpretation

All students in the Translation/Interpretation program complete an internship prior to graduation. The internship can be customized to meet each individual student's interests and career aspirations. Our students have many exciting opportunities available to them in New York City and beyond.

 Read what some of our students have to say about the internship experience:


Film and Televison: Documentary Translation  

“Script review was most unlike the work I’d done before. It’s an excellent example of how working in translation-related fields is about more than knowing a language; it’s also about knowing the context in which the language will be used…I learned about a side of translation I’d never been exposed to, having never worked in television. I’ll admit it’s exciting to know I contributed to a finished product thousands upon thousands of people will enjoy…I was also reassured that I do good work, that my school, work, and life experiences have prepared me well to work in the field. I enjoyed the experience immensely.”


Legal Interpreting 

“I can’t help but think of how extremely grateful I am for having this opportunity and most importantly, about all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained …A couple of months ago I would have never imagined myself in this position but now I truly feel like a professional. As a court interpreter, I’ve found my job to be extremely rewarding in many aspects. …I can truly say that every day I get to help at least one individual…Our work as an interpreter is always respected and appreciated and that is truly amazing. I couldn’t be happier!” 


 Mental Health Interpreting   

 “…gave me the distinct opportunity to put my knowledge into practice. I had never expected that this field could offer so many opportunities and be so challenging at the same time...My work experience …helped me to understand and overcome stereotypes and stigmas related to mental health …and allowed me to see not only a mentally impaired patient but a human being who is suffering …and desperately needs to communicate …in order to recover. I am happy that my skills could serve as a tool in this communication.”


School Interpreting and Translation

“Interpreting at a school changed my opinion of an interpreter. I realized that an interpreter is needed in almost every setting. I was able to use the techniques that I learned in school when I needed to interpret or translate. There are many parents that need the assistance of an interpreter between the office staff, teachers and the principal. They also need documents sent home from school translated… This internship has made me realize that I do want to become a professional interpreter or translator because there are many people who need us.”


 Medical Translation

 "I learned a great deal working in a hospital. The work I did in the translation classes proved to be vital when working on [hospital] documents. The techniques I learned were important and showed a great amount of experience when mine were compared to previous translations. Overall it was a very positive experience where I was able to put into practice everything I learned in class...After the work was completed I gained recognition from the Chief of Staff. I see how vital we are, not only in a medical setting, but in any setting."


Digital Media: Film Review and Translation (Web Content)

"I've used many of the techniques learned in class in order to write successful [movie review] translations. I've found that one of the best ways to write a successful review is doing the steps we used to do in class. Not only has it been fun for me but... with my translations I'm able to reach out to a community that the critic was not capable of reaching, his or her message was heard by a community that probably would not have had access to it if it wasn't for the translation. Movies are such a big influence in our lives that being able to translate and pass on the information gives me a sense of pride."


Court Interpreting

 “…the internship consisted of following the interpreter that I was assigned to and attending as many trials as possible with them during that period of time. I took notes on the styles of twelve interpreters, some of which were interpreting in another language that was not Spanish...I was fascinated with the internship experience and I enjoyed every day I was there. The interpreters made me feel like I was part of their staff, which made it easier for me to feel comfortable. Their input and advice motivated me and I am sure now that this is the career path I would like to pursue and expand on. This internship was a privilege for me and I am sure that it will be of a benefit to my life and the career decisions I make.”


Medical Interpreting and Translation

"As I look back at the semester, I only wish it had been longer. I have learned far more than I expected, but more importantly, it made me understand...the positive contribution the work of a good interpreter can make in the lives of the patients, and even contribute to their healing process."