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Freshmen Honors Scholar Program


The Freshmen Honors Scholar Program is made up of six different cohorts based on your area of interest. The cohorts offer first-year students a variety of advantages and support which create an intimate and community based learning experience at Hunter College. Scholars often work towards honors in their major, pursue interdisciplinary studies, postgraduate education, and high-impact educational experiences (e.g. study abroad, research, internships).


Our Cohorts:

>> Athena: Humanities and Philosophy (Not accepting applictaion for Fall 2024)
>> Daedalus: Computer Science
>> Muse: Visual and Performing Arts, Media, and Creative Writing
>> Nursing: Leadership in the field of Nursing
>> Roosevelt: Policy, Law, Civic Life, Social Science
>> Yalow: Scientific Research and Pre-Med


Don't forget to check out: Scholar Benefits | How to Apply | Essay | Deadline & Timeline | Scholar Info Session | FAQs


Scholar Benefits

All students in the FHSP receive: 

• Significant merit scholarship for four years of study (8 semesters) 
• Tailored academic experience which includes small seminar classes in your area of interest
• Dedicated academic and faculty advisors
• Priority registration each semester
• Priority placement into Hunter residence halls 


How to Apply

Fall 2024 application will open on Oct 1, 2023.

Before you start your scholar application, you must first complete and submit your CUNY Freshmen Application to Hunter College (general admission or Macaulay). You will be able to access the scholar application 48-72 hours after you submit your admissions application and will need your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) to create your account (provided to you when you file your admissions application)

>> Step 1 - Apply for admission to Hunter
>> Step 2 - Create your Scholarship Manager Account using your CUNYFirst ID # and check your email for activation code
>> Step 3 - Log-in and apply

Create your Scholarship Manager Account


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Essay Prompts

Each scholar cohort will ask applicants to submit two essays. Please note, prompt below are samples and may be different on Fall 2024 scholar application. 

  • Easy Prompt 1:  What have you learned about the specific scholar cohort of your choice that makes you interested in applying? (Limit 300 words)
  • Essay Prompt 2 - Specific to the scholar cohort of your choice: 
    • Roosevelt: Describe an issue of public concern that you feel strongly about. What have you learned about it so far, and what are some things you still want to know? (For example: immigration, criminal justice, social mobility, housing, sustainable cities, affordable education, international human rights, public health, job security, access to voting).  (Limit 300 words)
    • Daedalus: How were you first introduced to Computer Science? How have you continued to develop your computer science skills? How have you sought out additional exposure to computer science? Describe an experience which helped you develop your interest in computer science. A wide range of perspectives ideas, and cultures make for a productive learning environment, tell us about your background and experiences and how they make you unique and influence you. (Limit 300 words)
    • Muse: Tell us about a time you encountered a work of art in any artistic discipline (fine art, music, dance, theater, film, media) that resonated with you and how that informed your creative/artistic practice or intellectual pursuits related to the arts? (Limit 300 words)
    • Nursing: Nurses make up the largest profession within healthcare providing round-the-clock care to all patients in many different settings. What are the elements of caring needed by a nurse today? How have you shown this in your life thus far? One of nursing's most important responsibilities is to advocate for the individual, as well as, the global community. How do you think a nurse would achieve this? Have you ever advocated for an individual or group? The Nursing Scholar Program at Hunter College is a rigorous, fast paced curriculum which requires students to take and excel in advanced courses such as Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology. In 1-2 paragraphs, please explain why you think you are prepared to take on such a rigorous curriculum and why you think you will excel in such an environment? (Limit 600 words)
    • Yalow: Are you considering a career in any or all of the following: Scientific Research (ex. chemistry, biology, physics, math, psychology, bioMedical), Medical School (ex. physician, dentist, veterinarian) or Allied Health fields (ex. physical therapy, optometry, genetic counseling, pharmacy etc. – excluding nursing)? Briefly describe and share any related experiences that speak to or affirm the interest(s). (Limit 300 words)

Selection and Timeframe

Scholars are chosen on academic merit based upon high school performance, outstanding achievements, and written responses to the Honors Scholars application. Diversity, inclusiveness, and community engagement are considered factors in Honors Scholars selection, as characterized by application responses.

Notification of awards will begin at the end of March. 

Priority Deadline:

February 1, 2024


Honors Scholar Cohorts Information Session 

The information session provides an overview of all six Honors Scholar Cohorts, details of the exceptional learning communities, introduction to dedicated academic advisors, and the support that can help create an extraordinary learning experience at Hunter College.

Scholar Information Sessions




Can I apply to more than 1 cohort?

No, you should chose the cohort that best fits your interest.

I applied to Macaulay, do I still need to file an application?

Yes, you must also complete the Honors Scholar Program Application in order to be considered. Please note this will not negatively impact your application to Macaulay in any way.

Scholar application says "account not found" when I try to log-in with my CUNYFirst info, how do I fix this?

This error generally pops-up when applicants skip a step in the instructions. You need to create an account for the scholarship manager to apply: 

>> Step 1 - Apply for admission to Hunter (wait 24-48hrs)
>> Step 2 - Visit scholarship application link and click on "prospective student"
>> Step 3 - Click on "CREATE ACCOUNT" and check your email for activation code for the scholarships manager system.

I do not see an email with the activation code in my inbox, what should I do?

Please check your spam, junk, promotion folders. Most of the time, email with activation code will be found there. 

I received a "Sorry, this account has been locked out. Please contact your systems administrator" error, what do I do?

This may be a a simple browser error. Please clear out your browsing history and cookies, restart the browser and try the website again. Alternatively, you can try a different browser as well.


I’m having trouble with the application, who can I contact?

Feel free to send us an email at or live chat with us during standard business hours. 

I have already received my admission decision from Hunter, can I still apply?

Congrats! Yes, you can still submit the application. Do note the deadline.


The scholar application deadline has passed, can I still apply?

Absolutely! All students who apply after the deadline will be reviewed on space availability basis. Note, you will be notified and get a decision ONLY when space is available, no other notifications/status updates will be sent.

I have more questions.

Take a moment to review the FAQs on the Admissions website, they cover a lot more information for you to review.


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