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Academic Planning

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Academic Planning

Your course selections are a product of careful planning done in consultation with your network of advisors, faculty, and peers. You will typically either already have programs of study in mind or you might be undeclared.

We encourage declared students to make timely progress towards degree completion. Undeclared students are encouraged to pursue courses in potential majors of interest, areas where they can identify transferable skills, and or Hunter requirements that must be fulfilled regardless of the major ultimately chosen.

A typical schedule will include at least 15 credits comprised of:

 1-2 major specific requirements

1-2 Hunter Requirements like Hunter Core, Pluralism & Diversity, and or language

An elective of your choice

When planning courses, consider the following:

1. Are your chosen courses checking off requirements noted on Degree Works? (See· If you have not declared a program, you can click on "What-If" and see the requirements for programs of interest to you.

2. Are you sequencing major requirements in a manner in which will allow you to finish your degree within 4 years? Every major has a Degree Map on the Hunter Course Catalog, see Programs of Study and then select the program and navigate to the bottom to see how courses can be mapped to be completed within 4 years.

3. How much room for electives will you have? If you've declared your major, DegreeWorks tells you at the bottom of the worksheet how many electives you'll need to take to get to the minimum of 120 credits needed to graduate.


4. Are your chosen courses being offered when you plan to take them? Use Schedule Builder in CUNYfirst to check course availability and to have your courses ready to go the day of registration!


The easiest way to make your own individualized plan is to use our semester planning worksheet where you can map out all the requirements noted on DegreeWorks!

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