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If you are a TAP recipient, you must declare your major by the semester in which you will earn your 60th credit.

TAP will provide up to 8 full-time payments (4 years) subject to Satisfactory Academic Progress.

FACTS helps you quickly see whether your courses are TAP eligible each semester.

Each semester ensure that at least 12 of the credits being attempted are required for your:

  • Declared major (1st major only)
  • Declared Hunter Focus/Concentrated Study
  • Electives that fit under Electives for Degree
  • If the required credits for a declared minor, certificate or 2nd major fit under Elective for Degree, these courses can be counted.

Important Considerations:

Students who are approaching their Elective for Degree limit should note that once this limit is exceeded, credits taken towards remaining minor, certificate or 2nd major requirements are no longer TAP eligible. Such courses should be taken above the 12th credit.

When a student opts for a minor, certificate or 2nd major in place of a Hunter Focus/Concentrated Study, the number of language credits exempted are also TAP eligible. For instance if you were exempted 6 credits, the first 6 credits of your minor, certificate, or 2nd major are TAP eligible. The remaining credits will need to fit under Electives for Degree or be taken above the 12th credit.

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