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Financial Aid Issues

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Financial Aid Issues

The first place to find out if you have any outstanding Financial Aid Issues is CUNYfirst. Check out the To Do List in the Student Center. Click on the items and see if any have a status of "Initiated". Once you submit the required documents, the status will eventually change from "Initiated" to "Received". It is important that you submit all documents to the Office of Financial Aid as quickly and early as possible since processing can take 4 to 10 weeks. Each To Do List item will link you to very specific documents you'll need to provide. All documents can be uploaded via the CUNYFirst Document Upload feature. For additional information please consult OFA's FAQ.

Recently had your verification completed but don't see your Scholar Program Scholarship? Please contact if all your To Do List items have a status of "Completed".

Common Issues:

HESC and or Hunter is requesting Proof of US Citizenship - provide a copy of your signed Passport to Hunter via
CUNYFirst Document Upload feature and also a copy to HESC.

OFA has advised I am missing my FAFSA and or TAP Application - Please ensure you have submitted an application for this academic year, you are required to apply every year.

It's been 4-10 weeks and I have had no update from OFA - Please be patient as OFA processes a high volume of inquiries and processing. OFA will advise via your Hunter e-mail if anything further is needed. However, please feel free to reach out to and we can verify with you whether OFA has everything they need or attempted to reach you about more information they need.



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