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SEEK Transfer Program

SEEK Transfer

If you committed to Hunter as a transfer student, please email your Special Programs Transfer Request Form to and call (212) 772 - 5725 to confirm your admission to the SEEK Program at Hunter.


The SEEK Transfer Program provides participants with academic and counseling services that help transfer students transition into Hunter College. The program consists of an Orientation, a SEEK Transfer Course and a SEEK Transfer Club.

During Orientation, participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Hunter College campus and culture. The academic policies and graduation requirements are reviewed to guide course planning and successful completion of Hunter College's undergraduate degree.

During their first semester, participants partake in the SEEK Transfer Club. The SEEK Transfer Club provides participants with access to workshops, opportunities to connect with fellow transfer students and occasions to engage in leadership and groups activities. All incoming SEEK transfer students will become members of the SEEK Transfer Club. Club meetings enable conversations with current transfers, career development services, summer planning and program reflections. Participants must attend at least two club meetings.


The goals of the SEEK Transfer Program are:

  • to integrate participants into Hunter College;
  • to ensure that participants understand Hunter College's policies and SEEK Program policies;
  • to review Hunter Core, graduation, and TAP requirements, as they pertain to the transfer student population;
  • to provide participants with counseling, tutorial, and academic support services.


Transfer Students who were enrolled in the College Discovery (CD) Program and completed their associate degree or who were enrolled in SEEK, HEOP, or EOP programs in their previous college are eligible for participation in the SEEK Program at Hunter. Please note that acceptance to Hunter College does not guarantee acceptance to the Hunter SEEK Program.


To guide you in the transfer process, make sure you complete the following checklist items:


  • Complete the CUNY Online Transfer Application by the deadline date. The deadline dates for priority transfer admission are: September 15th for the Spring semester and February 1st for the Fall semester.
  • Submit the CUNY Special Programs Transfer Request Form with your CUNY Online Transfer Application and a copy to the SEEK Program at Hunter College which verifies your participation in a previous opportunity program. 
  • You can obtain a copy of the form by contacting your previous college opportunity program office or your previous counselor. Please note that acceptance to Hunter College does not guarantee acceptance to the Hunter SEEK Program.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).  Hunter Codes: FASFA - 002689; TAP – 1413.  Visit the Hunter Financial Aid and the Hunter Transfer pages for more information.

After Admission:

  • Review your acceptance letter (via email only) and commit to Hunter College via MyChoice.
  • Meet with a financial aid counselor in the Office of Financial Aid (Room 241 of the North Building) to confirm you have submitted all appropriate documentation. Remember to change your school code in your TAP (1413) and FAFSA (002689) applications to Hunter College.
  • Review your transcript evaluation.
  • RSVP and attend SEEK Transfer Orientation.
  • Schedule an individual appointment with a SEEK Counselor to review your transcript evaluation to ensure that your records and registration are finalized by the 7th day of classes.

If you have questions about the transfer process, please call the SEEK Program Office at (212) 772-5725 or email:



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