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Agendas and Minutes 1978-1979

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President Wexler gave a very fond farewell as she will be retiring on August 31st and remarked that if no President is appointed by that time then some provision for an acting president for whatever period of time will be necessary. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (the structure for the Standing Committee on the Calendar carried); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Hunter College Screening Committee for Presidential Search (presented update on the process and how the pool of candidates out shined other searches underway at Brooklyn and City College, recommended 12-15 candidates be selected for interview).


Provost reported that the biggest problem that Hunter faced currently was space issues and urged senators to write or wire Assemblyman Mark Alan Siegel and Governor Carey to sell the bonds before June 30th in order to resume construction for the Hunter College Building Program. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (presented resolution calling for Senate Administrative Committee to urge the State Legislature and Governor Carey to support Assemblyman Siegel’s bill regarding CUNY passed); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies);  Master Plan Committee (resolution on graduate education carried by hand vote); New business: Prof. Sam Korn was elected Ombudsman after one round of voting.


Prof. Mader’s carry over resolution on Senate control of the Bell Schedule was approved after an extensive discussion and amendments. Committee Reports: Department Governance Committee (approved revised bylaws of the Philosophy Department, Appendix II); Advisory Committee on the Library (report outlining faculty borrowing procedures as amended was approved, Appendix III).

4-10-79 Minutes

Ombudsman reported that students concerns were routine, however one issue that was occurring was that ETS was not interpreting the Cr/NCr grading system in accord with the Senate’s intention, which is to have students broaden their educational program. The issue has been referred to UARC. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

3-27-79 Minutes

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (procedures for the election of the Ombudsman were presented and passed); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).


Committee Reports: UCSC (presented “Guidelines for College-wide Definition of Course Level” was passed as amended, Appendix II).


President reported on the plans to move forward on the new amendment procedure; discussed the three legislative bills concerning the structure of CUNY; the last item was the space issue at the college currently, due to the loss of the FBI Building on 69th Street and continued construction on the main campus. Committee Reports: Teacher Evaluation Committee (presented report with two different proposals for a new questionnaire, which after lengthy discussion and amendments the Pittsburgh instrument was selected); Mr. John Connor submitted a resolution to oppose a $100 tuition increase for both CUNY and SUNY students, which was passed. Prof. Marcia Brody presented a petition calling on the Governor and Mayor to allow Hunter College to conduct a proper search for its next president, which was accepted.

Cancelled This meeting was cancelled.
12-05-78 Minutes

Provost reported on the internal administrative rearrangement centered on the recruitment of students to Hunter College. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Charter Review Committee (presented Article XVI and Resolution of Conveyance after lengthy discussion and amendments was accepted, Appendix II).

11-14-78 Minutes

President read a Memorandum from Harold Howe II re: “Recommendations Regarding CUNY Financing and Governance – Interim Report #2.” Ombudsman reported in two parts: (1) the Charter Review Committee was preparing a proposal that would circumvent the administratively impossible amendment procedure and (2) most of the students who have recently come by were concerned about the transfer of credits and the handling of grade appeals. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); UARC (presented the report regarding students ability to appeal WU grade was carried as amended).

10-31-78 Minutes

Provost reported on his “remarks” that were submitted to the Senate and Faculty Delegate Assembly. Dean Helly reported re: Encouragement and Facilitation of Admission to and Matriculation at Hunter College of a broad spectrum of the adult population of New York. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

9-26-78 Minutes
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