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Agendas and Minutes 1981-1982

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5-26-82 Minutes

Committee Reports: UCSC (Independent Learning by Achievement Program was presented and approved); Departmental Governance Committee (approved revised bylaws of the Department of Mathematical Sciences); Election of Ombudsman and Senate Officers took place.


President reported on budgetary and personnel matters. Ombudsman report on the Provost’s memo on final examinations and grade reporting and how faculty are not allowed to change the date like a few have, but there is the “unwritten rule” that students should not be expected to take three finals exams in one day and they could permit a makeup. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (presented Procedures for Nomination and Election of Ombudsman, Appendix II); UARC (presented progress report on “R” Grade Resolution).

3-24-82 Minutes

President reported that the CUNY budget was vetoed by the governor and that trips to the mid-west will take place to try and secure money from foundations; the library will hopefully move to the new building this summer. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); UARC (resolution for the use of “R” grade for ENGL 120 carried by hand vote).

2-24-82 Minutes

President reported on academic and budgetary matters full report, Appendix II. Committee Reports: Committee on the Calendar (proposed 1982-83 13-week calendar and revised bell schedule accepted as amended, Appendix III & IV); Report on the 1981-1982 Administrative Searches (informational report on the provost search and the relationship with the President and administration throughout the process; recommended adopting this model for future searches).

11-18-81 Minutes

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (informational report of the CUNY 3-5 Year Master Plan); Committee on the Evaluation of Academic Administrators (continuation of the revised report discussion after a lengthy discussion and many amendments the report was accepted, Appendix II); Task Force on Academic Funding and Academic Freedom (informational report presented and unanimously accepted).

11-4-81 Minutes

President reported on budgetary concerns and the Academic Planning Process. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee on Evaluation of Academic Administrators (continued discussion on the revised report section B after lengthy discussion motion to amend carried over to next meeting).  

10-14-81 Minutes

In absence of both the President and Provost Dean Walter Weiss presented the report on budgetary matters. Committee reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

9-23-81 Minutes

Provost reported on enrollment, budgetary, and personnel matters. Ombudsman reported that he dealt with 40 “formal” cases last semester which represent little to no change in the flow of cases. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (proposed Election Procedures for 1981-1982 were approved).

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