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Committee on Computing and Technology



Propose and review computing technology plans and strategies as they impact on the instructional, research, and administrative functions at the College.  The committee will consult with all affected com­munities before issuing pro­posals or review documents.  Goals of this committee would include using technol­ogy to improve all aspects of the College func­tioning in a manner which enhances productivity for all members of the College community and spreads both the bene­fits and costs of these technologies equitably among the members of the commu­nity. 


Specifically, this committee shall be asked to address strategies to assure appropriate hard­ware and soft­ware access for students, fac­ulty, and staff including part-time faculty and staff both on campus and remote locations; the use of computing to enhance the instructional mission of the College; the means to provide computer-based student services and administrative func­tions; allocations and expenditures of college resources intended for computing and technol­ogy; college efforts to obtain external resources for enhancing the college's capabilities in the area.



Designated Voting Members

  • Chair
  • 1 Faculty members from each divisions
  • 1 Faculty member from School of Social Work
  • 1 Faculty member from the Library
  • 1 Faculty member at-large who conducts research that depends on computers and who complements and diversifies the knowledge base of the committee
  • 2 Students
  • 2 Student Alternates

Ex-officio members

  • 2 Members of the staff
  • Director of ICIT
  • Provost or designee

Current memberships

  • Chair, Prof. Michaela Soyer
  • Prof. Felisa Vazquez-Abad, Computer Science 
  • Prof. Mark Miller, English
  • Prof. Thomas McIntyre, Special Education
  • Prof. Martin Dornbaum, Health Professions
  • Prof. Adina Mulliken, Health Professions
  • Library, Iris Finkel
  • At-large, Laura Baecher, Curriculum & Teaching
  • Alternative, Julie Van Peteghem, Romance Languages
  • Student, Umar Faruque
  • Staff, Shiao-Chuan Kung
  • Staff, Kenny Hirschmann
  • Provost, Manoj Pardasani  

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate