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Student Standing Committee


Evaluation of student records, for recom­mending to the Senate the award of degrees to qualified students, and for formulating policy, for adoption by the Senate, on the retention of students and the maintenance of academic stan­dards.



Designated Voting Members

  • Chair(s)
  • 5 Faculty members including a respresentative from SEEK Department

Ex-officio members

  • Dean of Students or designee
  • Director of Evening Student Services
  • Assistant Dean for Advising and Counseling

Current memberships

  • Chair, Prof. Sandra Clarkson, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Fredericka Liggins, SEEK
  • Prof. Lawrence Kowerski, Classics
  • Maureen O'Conor, Student Standing
  • Prof. Roseanne Flores, Psychology
  • Prof. Paul McPherron, English
  • Alternate, Prof. Geoffrey Burleson, Music


  • Dean of Students, Eija Ayravainen
  • Director of Advising, Arthur Ford
  • Representative of Studen Services, Nalini Dyal Joseph, Student Services 

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate