Office of Research and Grant Support

The Office of Research and Grant Support(ORGS) facilitates the design, implementation, and dissemination of faculty research in the School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences. The ORGS also provides assistance to Nursing and Health Sciences faculty working on curriculum development, career/fellowship, workforce development/training, and equipment/resource grants. The ORGS encourages the appointment of student researchers to work with faculty.

The ORGS serves as a catalyst for discovery by providing:

  • Grant-writing and budgeting assistance, including mock reviews
  • Specialized computers and software
  • Statistical consultation
  • Concept paper (letter of intent) development and review
  • Research design and measurement consultation
  • Program planning and evaluation consultation
  • Assistance with finding appropriate funding mechanisms, including enrollment in alert systems for funding opportunities
  • Preparing applications for electronic submission
  • IRB pre-review
  • Consultation on implementation and quality control
  • Assistance with project management and operations, including field site operations
  • Progress report preparation assistance
  • Publication and dissemination assistance
  • Career assessment and planning
  • Personal abstract alert system of recent findings in your area(s) of interest