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Crime, Law & Deviance

Crime, Law and Deviance is a sociological concentration that allows students to learn about causes of crime as well as issues related to punishment and social reactions to crime.  Studying deviance as well as crime provides insight into central social processes that affect how particular societies stigmatize, punish or seek to ‘rehabilitate’ their members.  Courses on “Criminology,” “Sociology of Crime and Punishment,” and “Sociology of Law” also involve studying the workings of the criminal justice system within a broad sociological framework that delves into how law is developed, how and why social reactions to crime take specific shape, how the media covers crime, and how social movements and criminology interrelate, among other topics.

Course Offerings

Deviance and Social Control 253
Criminology  319
Law, Society and Civil Rights 320
Drugs and Society 322
Sociology of Crime and Punishment 325
Sociology of Law (New)

Affiliated Professors
Prof. Lynn Chancer
Prof. Mark Halling
Prof. Marnia Lazreg 
Prof. Michaela Soyer

Areas of concentration

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Faculty Publications

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