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Culture, Media & Social Psychology

The concentration in Culture, Media, and Social Psychology emphasizes the shared meanings (e.g. stories, beliefs, attitudes, etc) that link individuals to the society that surrounds them. Courses in this area cover varied topics from interpersonal behavior to consumer psychology to broadcast and digital media. Students concentrating in Culture, Media, and Social Psychology learn how our seemingly personal actions, thoughts, and feelings are part of broader patterns of continuity and social change, as our lives are shaped by social forces beyond our individual control.

Course Offerings
Leisure, Recreation and Sports 207
Interpersonal Behavior 251
Mass Media, Communication and Public Opinion 259
Consumer Behavior 313
Culture and Consumption 314
Food & Society 325
Sociology of Cognition 325
Sociology of Film 325
Sociology of Popular Culture 325
Cultural Sociology 325
Social Psychology 325
Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Technology 345
Digital Age (New)

Professors Affiliated
Prof. Mike Benediktsson
Prof. Lynn Chancer
Prof. Tom DeGloma
Prof. Mike Halling
Prof. Michael Wood

Areas of concentration

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Faculty Publications

Across Generations
Building Popular Power
Fighting To Learn
High Profile Crimes
New York and Amsterdam
One Out of These
Opting Out
Questioning The Veil
Sadomasochism In Everyday Life
Seeing The Light
Sewing Women
Strangers No More
The Unhappy Divorce of Sociology and Psychoanalysis
Torture Twilight of Empire
Immigration and Social Capital in the Age of Social Media
A Dream Denied
Being a Scholar in the Digital Era
Foucault's Orient
Oh Book Cover
Opting In
White Lies
Cyber Racism
Going Public
Digital Sociologies
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