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Jessica Halliday Hardie

Jessica Halliday Hardie, Associate Professor of Sociology
Jessica Hardie received her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Family Demography and Individual Development at Penn State University. She joined the Sociology Department at Hunter in Fall 2014. She specializes in the areas of sociology of education, inequality, family, health, and the transition to adulthood, and her research explores factors that explain the intergenerational transmission of inequality at several stages in the life course. She has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on adolescent social capital, race and racism in high school, economic resources and romantic relationship quality among cohabiting and married couples, and the relationship between maternal health and child wellbeing. She is currently working on a longitudinal qualitative study of class and race differences in young women’s transitions to adulthood, with attention to how they balance work, school, and family life during this period.

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Selected Publications:

Hardie, Jessica Halliday, Jonathan Daw, and S. Michael Gaddis.  Forthcoming. “Job Characteristics, Job Preferences, and Physical and Mental Health in Later Life.” Socius.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday. Forthcoming. “Rethinking School-based Ties: Social Class and the Role of Institutional Agents in Adolescents’ College Plans.” 
Teachers College Record.

Turney, Kristin and Jessica Halliday Hardie. 2018. “Health Limitations among Mothers and Fathers: Implications for Parenting.” Journal of Marriage and Family 80(1):219-238.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday and Kristin Turney. 2017. "The Intergenerational Consequences of Parental Health Limitations." Journal of Marriage and Family 79(3):801-815.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday and Judith A. Seltzer. 2016. " Parent-child Relationships at the Transition to Adulthood: A Comparison of Black, Hispanic, and White Immigrant and Native-Born Youth." Social Forces 95(1):321-353.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday, Lisa D. Pearce, and Melinda Lundquist Denton. 2016. “The Dynamics and Correlates of Religious Service Attendance in Adolescence.” Youth & Society 48(2):151-175.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday. 2015. “The Best Laid Plans: Social Capital in the Development of Girls’ Educational and Occupational Plans.” Social Problems 62(2):241-265.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday. 2014. “The Consequences of Unrealized Expectations in the Transition to Adulthood.” Social Science Research 48: 196-211.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday, Claudia Geist, and Amy Lucas. 2014. “Economic Hardship and Relationship Quality among Cohabiting and Married Couples in Germany.” Journal of Marriage and Family 76: 728-743.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday and Nancy S. Landale. 2013. “Profiles of Risk: Maternal Health, Socioeconomic Status, and Child Well-being.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75: 651-666.

Hardie, Jessica Halliday and Karolyn D. Tyson. 2013. “Other People’s Racism: Race, Rednecks, and Riots in a Southern High School.” Sociology of Education 86: 83-102. (Findings featured in an interview recorded for SAGE Podcast. Available at:

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