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Part-Time Faculty


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Andrew Korall
Albert Lobo de la Tierra
Amy Stuart
Brenda Gambol
Benjamin Haber
Kate Binh Pok-Carabalona
Brenden Beck
Calvin Smiley
Daniel Bronstein
Danielle Jackson
Erin Siodmak
Gustavo Gomez
Howard Allen Elterman
Hyein Lee
Jessica Greenwalt
Jan Haldipur
Joshua Scanne
Jacob Lederman
Joni Russell
J. Heather Wiley
Linda Catalano
Lisa Paisley-Cleveland
Marzena Marzouk
Mercela Gonzalez
Marisa Tramontano
Matthew Block
Omar Montana
Patricia Dempsey
Pelagia Papazahariou
Robyn Brown-Manning
Seth Cohen
Saif Zureikat
Scott Lizama
Shirley Leyro
Sanja Trpkovic
Sung-Yeon Gross
Tom Buechele
Vadricka Etienne
Vanessa Paul

Part Time Faculty Biographies

Omar Montana is a critical sociologist from Queens. CUNY is his alma mater and he has proudly taught sociology since 2013. Growing up in spaces of marginality and privilege in New York City, he became keenly engaged by questions and dynamics of power/powerlessness in American social life that are rooted in structures of capitalism, systemic racism, and patriarchy. His main goal in life is to foster critical thinking and a passion for questioning structures of power amongst his students with the aim of constructing a future characterized by respect and inclusion. He loves teaching Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theory, Urban Sociology, and Criminology.


Samuel Stabler teaches sociological theory, methods, and humor at Hunter. His research examines how moral ideals shape, and are shaped by, conflicts surrounding the built environment, infrastructural development, and the management of religious diversity. By theorizing how moral landscapes are transformed into material settings, his research contributes to enduring debates in the sociology of religion, cultural sociology, and comparative-historical sociology. Beyond this, in three collaborative projects, he examines the moral implications of routine sociological debate, the links between humor and sociology, and how the culture of intensive parenting shapes demographic outcomes.


Howard Allen Elterman  has his MA and PhD in Sociology are from New York University. He has taught a wide variety of Sociology courses at a number of colleges and universities, including Tufts, NYU, Drew University and Baruch College.  Courses he has taught at Hunter College include Classical Sociological Theory, Urban Sociology, Social Movements and Social Change, Sociology of Popular Culture, and Sociology of Film.   

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Faculty Publications

Across Generations
Building Popular Power
Fighting To Learn
High Profile Crimes
New York and Amsterdam
One Out of These
Opting Out
Questioning The Veil
Sadomasochism In Everyday Life
Seeing The Light
Sewing Women
Strangers No More
The Unhappy Divorce of Sociology and Psychoanalysis
Torture Twilight of Empire
Immigration and Social Capital in the Age of Social Media
A Dream Denied
Being a Scholar in the Digital Era
Foucault's Orient
Oh Book Cover
Opting In
White Lies
Cyber Racism
Going Public
Digital Sociologies
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