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Degree Requirements

From the College Catalog

Completion of the graduate program in Applied Digital Sociology requires a minimum of 30 credits, which include:

I. Core Courses

  1. Statistics I (GSR 701)
  2. Statistics II (GSR 709)
  3. Research Methods I (GSR 710, Qualitative Methods)
  4. Research Methods II (GSR 711, Quantitative Methods)
  5. Thinking Critically in a Digital Society (GSR 701)
  6. Research Internship (GSR 718)
  7. Seminar in Applied and Evaluated Research (GSR 717)

II. Electives

At least 9 elective credits can be taken in courses in the candidate’s area of research interest. We plan to offer at least ONE of these electives each year, usually in the spring.  Students can fulfill their electives requirement by taking classes in our department, or in another program at Hunter, or at another CUNY institution using CUNY ePermit.

Newly Approved Electives

  • Data Mining (GSR 73800)
  • Sociology of the Gig Economy (GSR 73900) 
  • Digital Privacy, Security & Disinformation (GSR 74000)
  • Presenting Your Professional Self (GSR 79026)
  • Combatting the Far Right (GSR 79027)

III. Research Internship (GSR 718)

There is an internship requirement, although it has shifted from 6 credit hours to 3 credit hours, which is when students should complete their digital portfolio (it should begin in the first semester):

Recommended Course Sequence

Both full and part-time students should aim to take the methods and statistics sequence (708/9, 710/11) in their first year. Statistics I is only offered in the fall, and is a prerequisite for Statistics II, so timely degree completion will be impacted if one does not take this class right away. The core methods classes can be taken in either order.

All students are expected to take the required seminar in Applied & Evaluated Research (GSR 717) in their final spring term. (This course is only offered in the spring.) 

Sample Full-time Schedule


  • GSR 708 - statistics
  • GSR 710 - methods
  • GSR 701 - theory
  • elective


  • GSR 709 - statistics
  • GSR 711 - methods
  • elective
  • elective


  • GSR 717 - evaluation workshop
  • GSR 718 - Internship
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