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For Current Students

Funding opportunities, Forms, Fellowships

Graduating: When you reach your last term, you must apply for graduation. Do this first thing in the semester to allow time for an audit. See forms, below, for access to the application. 

$$$ Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students $$$


Conference travel awards for graduate students are available from the college, from the GSA (Grad Student Association), and from the program.


If you are planning on attending an academic conference, you may request a reimbursement of expenses up to about $450 from the GSA.

See for details and instructions.


After getting your GSA award, you can apply for a further reimbursement from the School of Arts and Sciences. Visit for details, etc.


The College award may be up to $500.


Each of these awards has specific deadlines and procedures that you must follow in order to qualify.


AND, there’s more.

Depending on costs, your role in the conference, etc., the GSR may be able to provide additional support. Talk with the Program Director about this possibility.


PLUS, if that’s not enough, the GSRS can also help. Check with your student reps.


$ $ $


Research Support


The School of Arts & Sciences has a research fund for graduate theses, which also applies to our GSR 719 capstone project.

Visit for details, deadlines, procedures.

Fill out the application form – before the deadline – and bring it to the Program Director. Please leave enough time for me to sign the forms and write you a recommendation. This award can be up to $500.




Forms you need:

Graduate DAAF (Degree Audit Application Form)

You file this at the start of your last semester. Print it out, fill it in, and bring it to the G.D. (graduate director) for the official red stamp.

BA/MS students need two, one grad, one undergrad, each signed by the appropriate advisor

There are many DAAFs. Ours is found under the School of Arts and Sciences links. There is also a link there for instructions


Registration Appeal Forms

If you need to make a late schedule change, including adding an independent study or an internship


Personal Records

For changing your name, other identifying info, voting, recording immunizations, or changing your immigration status


Financial Aid

Everyone must file a FAFSA to receive any aid or scholarships


Maintenance of Matriculation

You need this if you are not taking coursework during the term you are graduating. For example, if you have incompletes which you finish in the summer, you need a summer MM.


Request for Graduate Leave of Absence

If you need to take time off from the program, don’t just go away without doing some paperwork!! This one can save you a lot of trouble later


Application for Graduate Time Extension

If you have been away, and some of your classes are going to be more than 4 years old by the time of graduation, you need to file one of these


All of these forms may be found at:

Awards and Fellowships


[under development, check back later]



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