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Supervisory Overview

The one-day supervisory overview creates an overall context for supervision. Though the content of the learning circles focuses on preparation for adulthood, it is important that supervisors possess a strong foundation in supervisory principles. The supervisory overview focuses on the three areas of supervision and highlights the educative function of child welfare supervision. During this session, supervisors participate in a series of inventories designed to increase their self awareness specific to learning styles and situational leadership. We refer to these tools throughout the learning circles.

Discussion Guides:
Supervisory Overview
Session Materials:
Six Core Perspectives
Supervisory Skill Set
Group Resume
A Day in My Supervisory Life
Supervision Summary
Supervisory Role Models Worksheet
Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Leader
Learning How YOU Learn to Lead
Principles of Adulthood Learning
Clues for Determining Preferred Modes of Communication
Styles of Leadership
Action Plan
Three Areas of Supervision
Project Framework and Learning Circle Overview
Leadership Quotes
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