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How To Apply

NOTE: These initiatives are primarily intended to support undergraduate students. Nonetheless, proposals for activities that include both undergraduate and graduate students will be considered.

The Proposal

Please submit your proposal through the Student Engagement Application form.

Proposals will be evaluated once each semester. To help you with your planning, proposals for Fall programming or courses should be submitted by September 1; Spring proposals should be submitted by February 1.

The Outcome

You will hear about your funding on or around September 20 or February 20.  So please plan your activities with these dates in mind.

Please note, as well, that funding may be partial: for instance, funding may be available to reduce the price of a ticket for students, but not cover it completely.

Finally, please be aware that funding is almost always provided as reimbursement funding. That means that faculty (or students) will likely be asked to pay for activities in advance, and then submit for reimbursements, which can take up to 2 months to process. Unfortunately these are mandated regulations that we cannot alter, so please understand these limitations in advance. Additionally:

  • The reimbursement process will require receipts, copies of programs, and copies of credit card statements, as well as the names & EMPL IDs of all student participants.
  • Alcohol cannot be consumed at funded events.
  • Guest speakers who are CUNY or State employees cannot be given a paid honorarium through this system.

Within one month of the funded activity or event, the Hunter faculty member must submit a brief (2-page) final assessment report. This report should answer the questions: What did your students learn from the activity or event? What did you learn about your students? If you were to facilitate such an activity or event in the future, what would you repeat or change?

The final assessment report, along with the financial documents, are required for reimbursement



Please contact Daniel Hurewitz by email at Please include "Student Engagement" in the subject line.