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Hunter College Student Engagement Initiatives

Hunter College's Student Engagement Initiatives have been established to encourage and promote greater student-faculty interaction outside of the traditional classroom.

National research suggests that student success is inextricably linked to student engagement, the degree to which a student is intellectually involved within and beyond the classroom. This is confirmed by Hunter students, who have asked for more opportunities to interact with their Hunter faculty beyond the classroom. Each of the programs described below is designed to provide opportunities for Hunter faculty to engage students beyond the confines of the classroom.

Three kinds of activities are supported by these initiatives:

Co-curricular Activity Initiative

Funding for student-faculty activities that are related to faculty courses or their scholarship. Activities may include student-faculty lunches, receptions, seminars, award ceremonies, film screenings, colloquia, or field trips.

Student-Faculty Research Initiative

Funding for students to participate in faculty research, scholarship, and creative projects. Hunter faculty may request up to $1,000 per student, per academic year (i.e., up to $500 per student, per semester).

Student Presentation Initiative

Funding to offset travel expenses for faculty-nominated students who will present their work at professional conferences that they attend with Hunter faculty; or to organize a faculty-sponsored student-scholarship conference at Hunter.

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