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Students are welcome to communicate with the Deans with questions, concerns or suggestions, via email at, or by calling 212.772.4878


Eija Ayravainen
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

A long-time advocate for Hunter College students, Dean Ayravainen has dedicated her career to building programs that foster community and enhance the academic and personal success of students. She actively creates an open, welcoming and inclusive environment that nurtures and empowers all students. Through the Division's programs, services and initiatives, Dean Ayravainen is committed to cultivating a culture of respect and open communication, engaging students fully in the life of the College.

Dean Ayravainen leads a dynamic and diverse portfolio of over twenty departments that make up the Division of Student Affairs. She and her staff are dedicated to providing a cutting-edge student experience from orientation through graduation. The Division includes residence halls, academic advising, counseling services, career development services, new student orientation, recreational sports, as well as services such as the Registrar, financial aid, testing, and accessibility accommodations. The Division also supports student life through its student clubs, student emergency and veteran services, scholarships, and leadership programs. Dean Ayravainen constantly develops new resources for new initiatives in student-focused programming, and funding opportunities.

In addition to advocating for students, Dean Ayravainen serves an invaluable role in helping them to navigate the College. She encourages responsibility and promotes leadership in a diverse and socially responsible learning environment. She strongly believes that a diverse and fully engaged community strengthens all of its members and ultimately develops leaders who will change New York City and the world.

Dean Ayravainen is passionate about making sure that students' needs are met, and she can readily be found walking the halls and checking on students, as well as the staff who serve them. She is known for her warmth and accessibility and welcomes meeting with students in both formal and informal venues regarding matters that affect the Hunter College community.

Shannon E. Salinas
Assistant Vice President and Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dean Salinas works with students in various ways to support their transition to college life and to maximize their academic success. She is responsible for the various teams that work on academic success, communication and enrollment management. These offices and services include: Office of Student Communications; Office of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions, which includes College Now and the Welcome Center; the Office of Financial Aid; the Office of Advising, which include the Scholars Programs and the Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center; The Testing Center; and the Office of Enrollment Management. Dean Salinas also manages the academic retention process, which includes matters related to student standing, such as the Dean's List, and academic dismissals and probations.

In addition, Dean Salinas serves on a number of Hunter College committees and working groups, including the President's Task Force on Student Advising, and she co-chairs the Middle States Steering Committee.

Leslie Ader
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dean Ader is dedicated to the overall well being of students. She addresses issues that impact students' academic functioning, and strives to connect them to a range of available support resources. Dean Ader oversees the services provided by Counseling and Wellness Services, Office of Student Conduct, Office of AccessABILITY, and the Behavioral Response Team.

In addition, Dean Ader serves on a number of Hunter College committees and working groups, including the Interoffice Planning & Organization and Crisis Management Committees.

Kevin A. Nesbitt
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dean Nesbitt works on the behalf of students by cultivating a culture of cross-training the professional staff in Student Affairs to engage in high-impact practices. These practices support student satisfaction, retention, and success. With a focus on enrollment management, he oversees the operations of Admissions, Recruitment, the Welcome Center, and Financial Aid.

In addition, Dean Nesbitt serves on Vice Chancellor Sanchez' Arts and Education Committee, and various working groups in the Division of Student Affairs, including "On-track at Hunter."

Brian Maasjo
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dean Maasjo is responsible for promoting and supporting student success through a broad range of programs and services, with special attention to retention and academic persistence. Working with faculty, academic affairs, learning centers, and various offices across Student Affairs, Dean Maasjo creates programs and opportunities that further engage students in their education and the development of holistic, academic plans. He is responsible for overseeing the Office of Advising, which includes the Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center, Peer Advising Network, Center for Student Achievement, Scholar Programs, Testing Center, and Student Veteran Services.

In addition, Dean Maasjo has served several committees, task forces and working groups, including the Presidential Task Force for Advising, Co-Chair of the Task force for the Bell Schedule, Middle States Steering Committee, Credit Momentum Leadership Team, and is a former chair of the CUNY Advising Directors Council.

Brian Buckwald
Director of Assessment for Student Affairs

Anabela Carrera
Director of Finance, Planning and Operations

Colleen Barry
Director of Student Conduct

Chris Luis Aviles
Student Affairs Manager


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You are welcome to communicate with the Deans, including submitting questions, concerns, and suggestions, by calling 212.772.4878 or via email,

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