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Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty FAQs:

Student FAQs:


Faculty FAQs:

Where can I obtain the Academic Integrity form?

Academic Integrity Report Form

Do I need to report all academic dishonesty violations?

Faculty are encouraged to report violations of the Academic Integrity Policy. Once reported, students can be guided to appropriate resources which should help eliminate any future acts. Data is also assessed upon the conclusion of an academic year which assists in determining specific areas where students are more likely to commit violations. This will assist in proactively addressing academic integrity issues before they occur. In addition, all reports are housed in an internal database which can help identify repeat offenders.

What do I submit for the student's grade if a case is still pending?

Faculty can no longer submit an "UI" or "under investigation" grade at the conclusion of the semester when grades are due if a violation of academic integrity is suspected. Faculty are encouraged to submit cases as soon as possible to the Office of Student Conduct so we can place a "PEN" or "pending" grade. Faculty may submit a grade of "INC" or "incomplete" if students contest or are unresponsive and the case is still pending. If the student has admitted to the allegation then faculty can submit the final grade accordingly. Faculty will receive a letter upon the conclusion of the pending case to submit a Change of Grade form to the Registrar. 

Should the student still attend my class?

Students are advised to continue to attend class either until the semester has completed or until the case has been concluded. All students receive due process for allegations. The exception to this case is when a student has confirmed the allegations and agreed to the academic sanction of "F" in the course and signed the Academic Integrity form.

Can I resolve the matter without reporting?

You may resolve an academic integrity violation case in your classroom. However, it is recommended for faculty to report violations to the Dean of Students.

Will the student's violation be noted on his or her transcript?

A notation on a student's transcript is a disciplinary sanction which the Dean of Students may pursue depending upon the violation. Not all students will receive a notation on his or her transcript.

How do I submit a change of grade form at the conclusion of the pending case?

Faculty can obtain a Change of Grade Form from the Office of the Registrar. Please email

What if the student is not available to sign the academic integrity form or I cannot get in touch with him/her?

Faculty should submit the form without the student's signature if he/she is unavailable to sign. The Academic Integrity Official will contact the student directly once the form has been submitted.

Can I recommend disciplinary sanctions also?

The Dean of Students may or may not pursue disciplinary sanctions based on the violation. Faculty may recommend disciplinary sanctions which the Dean of Students will take into consideration when attempting to resolve the case.


Student FAQs:

Will I get kicked out of college?

The consequences of violating Hunter College's Academic Integrity Policy range from a warning notice to the student to expulsion from the College and the City University of New York (CUNY). Any disciplinary sanctions are determined upon the violation committed.

What if I unintentionally committed an act of academic dishonesty?

Academic dishonesty, whether intentional or unintentional, is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy and will be addressed as such.

If I am found guilty of the charges, will it be noted on my transcript?

Notation on a student's transcript is a disciplinary sanction which may be pursued by the Dean of Students depending upon the violation committed. The student will be informed if such sanction is being considered.

Will this affect my graduation from Hunter?

Pending academic integrity cases may halt a student's attempt in completing his/her degree at Hunter College. A student can not graduate with a pending grade on his/her transcript, thus requiring the academic integrity case to be concluded.

How will this affect my pursuit of graduate school and or obtaining professional licensure?

Graduate schools and professional licensure programs like law, education and nursing inquire about a student's disciplinary records. The Dean of Students is obliged to report any disciplinary sanctions that are active during the time period in question.

Will others know about a pending academic integrity case?

Only faculty who submitted the report and the Dean of Students will know of pending academic integrity cases. However, if a disciplinary sanction of notation on transcript is determined then others with access to a student's transcript will be able to view the notation for the designated period of time. This includes advisors and department chairs.

Can I contest an academic sanction?

If you confirmed the allegation but contest the academic sanction (i.e. "F" on assignment or "F" in course), you may formally pursue a grade appeal at the department in questions.

Do I need a lawyer present during a Faculty-Student Disciplinary Hearing?

A student has the right to be represented by a legal counsel during a Faculty-Student Disciplinary Hearing and will be informed of this right in a letter prior to a hearing.

Can I appeal a decision made by the Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee during a hearing?

A decision can be appealed at the President's Office after an official hearing with the Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee.

What is the range of sanctions?

Sanctions can range from only academic (i.e. lower grade on assignment, "F" in course) to a disciplinary sanction such as expulsion from the college. Disciplinary sanctions include:

  • Admonition
  • Warning
  • Censure
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Ejection

Can I take the class as no credit (NC)?

A Credit/No Credit grade is not an option for any course with a pending academic integrity case.

Where can I find assistance to avoid academic dishonesty in the future?

Hunter College has a number of resources on campus to assist students in promoting academic integrity.

Can a student report another student?

Yes. A student may report another student by contacting us at 212.772.4534 or 212.396.6484.

Can I record my meeting with the conduct officer?

Students are prohibited from recording meetings with the conduct officer, whether in-person or via remote platforms. This is to ensure confidentiality of the student participating in the meeting as well as all other parties involved.

What does a reflection essay look like?

Download and review the Sample Reflection Essay (PDF)

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