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2021 Verizon Partner Agencies Spring Career Fair

When Mar 31, 2021
from 03:30 pm to 05:00 pm
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WHEN: March 31, 2021, 3:30-5pm EST

WHERE: Virtual via BlueJeans

APPLY HERE: 2021 Verizon Partner Agencies Spring Career Fair - Verizon Partner Agencies 2021 (


All applications are due March 19th by 11:59pm


Do you think like a marketer? Do you have what it takes to work at one of the agencies above?

We hope you do. To help us know for sure — we created the “Marketing Challenge.”

The Challenge was designed specifically to bring out your natural abilities. To be successful, you simply need to think like a marketer. No industry jargon or insider industry knowledge needed. Just your instincts and creative problem-solving.

Your answers will be evaluated by recruiters from the 10 different marketing agencies mentioned above. The 100 individuals with the best answers will be invited to a marquee career fair on March 31, 2021.


The Challenge

A world-famous cruise liner is announcing the launch of 5 new ships this summer. They need a marketing agency to help promote these ships which will depart out of NYC.

Before giving us their business, they have asked us a series of 10 questions we want you to answer. Each question is meant to focus on a different area of the marketing puzzle. From the highly analytical to the highly conceptual.

The Product

“The Cruise to Nowhere.” A cruise that leaves NYC on a Friday and comes back that Sunday. The cruise doesn’t stop anywhere but simply goes out into the ocean — for two days of family-fun — and comes back to port.

The Target

NYC area young families who wish they could just snap their fingers and be in a beautiful house on the beach. They don’t have the money, the connections or the willpower to make that happen. So instead — they stay home.

  • The parents of these families are anywhere from 25-45 years in age with children under the age of 12.
  • These parents are cost conscious but not at the expense of convenience.

The Insights

  • They live in NYC and don’t want to travel 3+ hours in order to take a vacation.
  • They want to turn their brains off for the weekend — and not have to worry about the logistics/planning which come with a typical vacation.
  • They don't want the hassle of renting a house: dealing with owners, signing a contract, cleaning the house, etc.
  • They want activities for both the kids and the parents to enjoy.

The Rules

  • Pick any of the two questions from the list below to answer on the next page. Only pick two!
  • Make sure to chose the two questions you can answer better than any others. Show us what you are naturally amazing at!
  • We want to see your ability to solve problems creatively and think outside the box! Whether its data analysis or art design — marketing is the business of being creative.
  • We expect your very best work so please be thoughtful and thorough in your responses.
  • Choose wisely!

The Questions (Pick 2--Provide answers on next page)

  1. The Client wants us to create a 30 second TV commercial. What is your idea? Please explain in detail
  2. The Client wants a billboard on the FDR Drive promoting the "Cruise to Nowhere". What is your idea? What will the billboard say?
  3. Design the billboard promoting the "Cruise to Nowhere" and submit as an attachment. Please use InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you don't know how to use these programs please skip ahead!
  4. How will we use social media to market "The Cruise to Nowhere"? Please explain in detail
  5. Write the press release we will send to bloggers, influencers, magazines, newspapers, etc. Who should we send to and why?
  6. The Client wants to host an event in Central Park — on Mother's Day weekend — to promote "The Cruise to Nowhere". What should we do? Please explain in detail.
  7. 25% of passengers will book their tickets on the internet within 5 days of departure. How do we use the internet to reach our target — 5 days before departure — when they are most likely to buy a ticket? Please explain in detail.
  8. The Client wants to market the “Cruise to Nowhere” across the media landscape (TV, Social Media, Radio, Blogs, etc.). Please develop a customized plan to make sure our target audience will see our message.
  9. The Client wants to know how we will keep track of every single detail (time spent, money spent, etc.). What will we do to make sure everything is organized? Please explain in detail.
  10. The Client wants to make sure they are getting their money's worth. How can we measure our success? What kind of analytical model would you use? What assumptions would you make to inform your hypothesis? Please explain in detail.


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