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Career Development Plan

We have divided, by year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) what you should be doing to develop your own career plan to prepare you for life after graduation.

Freshman Year (1-27.5 credits) - Awareness
Get to know faculty, academic counselors, administrators, and other students. Visit The Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center, 417 West Building, and learn about campus resources and events. Get involved in college activities and organizations. Visit Career Development Services, 805 East Building, and begin to explore career options with one of the career counselors. Take the online Department of Labor's O*Net Interest Profiler. Attend an internship information session. Get assistance with preparing a résumé. Register to use CareerHunter, the online job and internship search system.


Sophomore Year (28-60.5 credits)Exploration
Continue to explore and clarify career goals, skills, and interests. Meet with the Internship Coordinator and explore internships in your field of interest. Use the Career Resource Library and Internet to become familiar with various career fields, businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Continue to work with a career counselor to improve your résumé. Obtain part-time employment or an internship to gain valuable experience.


Junior Year (61-93.5 credits) - Preparation
Concentrate on major coursework. Attend career seminars, fairs, and workshops. Join student and professional organizations related to your intended field. Continue to research companies and organizations. Meet with Career Counselors and schedule information interviews with professionals in the field you are considering for valuable advice and networking.


Senior Year (94-120 credits) - Job Campaign
Attend Senior Year Network events and workshops for the On Campus Recruiting Program (OCR). Develop your references. Set up a designated career/job search workspace at home. Set up several "mock interviewing" sessions with a career counselor. Develop your 1-minute "sales pitch" for employers emphasizing your skills that are directly related to your job target. Attend job fairs. Continue to develop your networks. Please contact the career office when you accept a position.


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