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The mission of the Undergraduate Research Initiative is to provide Hunter students with the opportunity to conduct research alongside Hunter's outstanding faculty and to encourage and support those faculty who provide Hunter's undergraduates with research experiences outside the classroom.





Hunter's Undergraduate STEM Research Conference will take place on May 3rd!  Details HERE.



What is undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research is a faculty-student collaboration to examine, create and share new knowledge or creative works.    As is true for all research endeavors, the goal is to make an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline or interdisciplinary field.

Research activities may take many different forms, including fieldwork, library searches, laboratory work, surveys, archival work, interviews and the production of creative works.  Research may involve interpretive, descriptive and artistic endeavors, as well as the testing of scientific hypotheses. 


Why are faculty-student research collaborations important?

Research can be seen as an integral part of an undergraduate student's education. Because undergraduate research is considered by many to be one of the most powerful ways for students to learn, the process is as important as the outcome.  The mentoring of students conducting research, provided by faculty mentors, is a critical part of the experience.

Undergraduate students can benefit in a variety of ways through their involvement in undergraduate research. The benefits of engaging undergraduates in research may differ from experience to experience, but include such things as: 

  • Challenging students to pose and answer meaningful questions
  • Training students in the research methods of a specific discipline
  • Helping students develop problem-solving and presentation skills
  • Increasing the number of high quality interactions between students and faculty outside of the traditional classroom
  • Enlivening the intellectual climate on campus
  • Preparing students for graduate study and careers in research


How do I get involved in a faculty-student research collaboration at Hunter?

The Undergraduate Research Initiative currently supports student faculty collaboration through a spring fellowship program.  To explore additional research opportunities available at Hunter and beyond, please visit the Research Opportunities Database.